Diploma in Education – Adult Learning & Education

Diploma in Education – Adult Learning Education


This program is designed for professionals wishing to acquire new skills or to build on their current knowledge base regarding adult learning. The Diploma in Adult Learning and Education is particularly appropriate for those who do not want to pursue a graduate degree but are interested in developing skills and knowledge in organizing, conducting, evaluating or administering programs for adult learners. Typical students range from business people to government workers to healthcare professionals to community organizers to independent consultants and other professionals whose practice, in some way, includes designing and running learning experiences for adults.

Applicants should have two years of experience designing and delivering learning experiences for adults which could include adult learning that occurs in workplaces, community organizations, civil society groups, international development, and government services, to name a few. This experience can be paid or voluntary or a mix of the two. Because adult education occurs in diverse business, community and numerous other settings, applicants for this program do not need to be qualified teachers; however, teachers are also welcome. Persons with relevant experience will be considered even if they do not have an undergraduate degree.

Diploma students must complete a combination of 12 credits in Core Courses and 18 credits in approved Elective Courses.

Core Courses

  • ADHE 327 Teaching Adults (3 credits)
  • ADHE 329 Developing Short Courses, Workshops & Seminars (3 credits)
  • ADHE 330 Community Practice of Adult Education (3 credits)
  • ADHE 412 An Overview of Adult Education (3 credits)

Elective Courses

In addition to the above core courses, students must take 18 credits or approved elective coursework. Elective courses must be 300-level or higher. Below are two online elective options.

  • ADHE Institutions of Adult Education
  • EDST 493 Introduction to the Study of Higher Education

Elective courses could include those chosen from the online University Calendar which contains courses such as CNPS (Counselling Psychology) 363, 364, 365, 433 and EPSE (Education Psychology and Special Education) 303.

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