Cultivate. Collaborate. Communicate.

Engaged learning for student success.

Professional Development & Community Engagement (PDCE) is a unit within UBC’s Faculty of Education.

We work with the academic departments within the Faculty and with school districts across the province to build programming to support the professional development of all types of educators across British Columbia and Canada.

Cultivate: Develop/improve by education.

Everything we offer is founded in the knowledge of UBC experts. We are driven by research and work to enhance education using research-based methods. But we also know not everyone wants to be an academic. So, we offer a variety of education options: Master’s, diplomas, certificates, courses, institutes, open learning and more. We endeavour to ensure our offerings are accessible so that anyone who wants to participate is able to do so.

Collaborate: Work with one another.

We are part of a community working to support students. This community includes you, whether you are a teacher, parent, family member, senior administrator, school counselor, teacher candidate, alumni or so many more. We work best when we work together.

Communicate: Impart knowledge.

One of our goals is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience from all facets. We value all expertise equally, including research, hands-on teaching, and child-care/parenting. We want to ensure a network of individuals come together to find the best ways to support and engage students.

Three Pillars

Inclusivity, Accessibility, Indigeneity.

All of our work is grounded in three Pillars: Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Indigeneity. These Pillars reflect our values as a unit, as well as the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Education, and the Strategic Plan of the University of British Columbia.

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