MEd in Teaching English as a Second Language

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MEd in Teaching English as a Second Language

A part-time FULLY ONLINE cohort program.

The goal of this online graduate program is to develop specialized professionals in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

Students in the fully online Master of Education in TESL will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

  • Key principles of applied linguistics for teachers
  • Second and foreign language acquisition
  • Second and foreign language teaching methods
  • English proficiency assessment
  • Second and foreign language writing
  • Language, discourse, and identity
  • Multilingual literacy and multimodality
The program is offered by the Department of Language & Literacy Education.

Start Date: September 2024
Length: 2.5 years | part-time
Format: 100% Online
Domestic Tuition: $16,716.64 CAD
International Tuition: $19,145.12 CAD

Upcoming Info Sessions

There are currently no info sessions scheduled for this program

Program Details


The online MEd in TESL is intended for:

  • K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers
  • LINC instructors
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers of K-12 and adult learners
  • K-12 mainstream teachers with multilingual classrooms
  • ESL or EFL curriculum designers, program administrators, educational consultants, and materials developers
  • English proficiency assessors

Tentative Program Schedule

This 30-credit program is offered part-time over a period of two years and two terms, with scheduling designed to accommodate the needs of practicing teachers and educators. The program consists of 8 required courses and 2 elective courses. The required courses must be taken in the sequence presented in the table below.

Required courses

Sept 2024 (13 weeks) Applied Linguistics for Teachers LLED 489B
Jan 2025 (13 weeks) Theory and Research in Teaching English as a Second Language LLED 572
May 2025 (6.5 weeks) Theories of Second Language Acquisition LLED 573
Sept 2025 (13 weeks) Second Language Assessment: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches LLED 526
Jan 2026 (13 weeks) Language, Discourse and Identity LLED 510
May 2026 (6.5 weeks) Theory and Research in Teaching Second Language Writing LLED 574
Sept 2026 (13 weeks) Introduction to Research Methods EDUC 500
Jan 2027 (13 weeks) Graduating Project LLED 590

Elective Courses

In addition to the 8 required courses, students must take 2 elective courses. Only one elective can be at the 400-level, the other must be at the 500-level. Students’ registration in elective courses must be approved by the Program Coordinator. The elective courses may be offered at any time during the program.

Examples of Elective Courses offered online by LLED Department at UBC:

      • LLED 558 Literacy and Multimodality
      • LLED 479 The Education of Immigrant Students

Sept 2020 (13 weeks) Applied Linguistics for Teachers LLED 489B
Jan 2021 (13 weeks) Theory and Research in Teaching English as a Second Language LLED 572
May 2021 (6.5 weeks) Theories of Second Language Acquisition LLED 573
Sept 2021 (13 weeks) Second Language Assessment: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches LLED 526
Jan 2022 (13 weeks) Language Discourse, and Identity LLED 510
May 2022 (6.5 weeks) Theory and Research in Teaching Second Language Writing LLED 574
Sept 2022 (13 weeks) Introduction to Research Methods EDUC 500
Jan 2023 (13 weeks) Graduating Project LLED 590

Application Requirements

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  1. A completed four-year undergraduate degree.
  2. Minimum GPA of 76% average on all senior-level credits.
  3. Appropriate background in Teaching English as a Second Language, which includes at least 18 credits of relevant senior coursework (e.g., in English Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics, Education, or a related area).
  4. Two years of full-time teaching experience or an equivalent combination of engagements within schools, community centres, non-governmental organizations, and other education-oriented environments.
  5. A CV (resumé).
  6. Three letters of recommendation from professors, educators, or administrators that speak to the applicant’s engagement with education and leadership.
  7. A 500-word statement of intent that outlines applicant’s academic strengths and the specific interests he or she would like to pursue in the online MEd in TESL.
Note: In cases where applicants have also completed graduate level coursework toward a master’s or doctoral level program, or as an unclassified student, this coursework is assessed separately. A considerably higher standing may be required because of competitive demand.


Type Per Installment Total Tuition
Domestic $2,089.58 CAD $16,716.64 CAD
International $2,393.14 CAD $19,145.12 CAD

Graduate tuition is assessed as an annual program fee, which is divided into three equal installments due at the beginning of academic terms starting in September, January and May.

Students in this program will pay a minimum of 8 installments.

Student Fees

Student fees include fees established and authorized by the UBC Board of Governors and fees established and authorized by students societies. These fees are in addition to tuition fees. Please see the UBC Calendar for details on student fees.

Fees are subject to change annually. Only information in the UBC Calendar is official

Funding Eligibility

As this program is part-time, it is not eligible for student loans or other types of funding.

How to Apply

Application Status: Closed
Application deadline: TBD
Document Deadline: March 24, 2024


  • Navigate to
  • When you are ready to apply, click “Apply Online”.
  • Read the instructions, and either log in with your CWL or create a CWL if you have never attended UBC.
  • Once logged in, on the “Degree Program Selection,” type the 4-character cohort designation TES4 into the “Program Keyword” field.
  • IMPORTANT: The program name should be Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language – Professional Cohort and the cohort code should be TES4. Please ensure you are applying to the correct program – this part-time Professional Cohort is different than the regular on-campus program.
  • Select the program.
  • When you reach the “Experience & Interests” page of the application, please make sure you choose the appropriate program, as there may be more than one. It should include TES4.
  • When finished entering your information, you must click “Declare & Submit”.
  • You will automatically receive an email acknowledgement, with instructions on documentation and deadlines.


  • When adding your references to your application, you will be asked whether they are professional or academic references. Academic references are those who know you in an academic capacity (e.g. former professors). Professional references would include your principal, vice-principal, or someone who has supervised you.
  • You are strongly encouraged to submit electronic letters of reference. Simply fill in the email addresses of your three referees when completing the online application (an email address is required). References with free, web-based email addresses (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) will receive a link to the paper reference form, which must be mailed to our office (address on the reference form).NOTE: Please see “Supporting Documents” below for more information on paper references.

Once you submit and pay for your online application, your referees will automatically receive an email with a link and instructions for completing the electronic reference form or the link to the paper reference form, as above.

A letter can take the place of the reference form as long as it addresses the questions posed in the reference form. Despite the apparent size of the text box, referees may type as much as they want.


Please have these ready to upload when you apply:

Transcripts, degree certificates (if applicable), English language assessment report (if applicable), statement of intent, and an up-to-date resume must be uploaded to your application.

In cases where referees are unable to submit an electronic reference, sealed and endorsed reference letters may be sent by mail. Your reference will receive a link to a reference form that they should complete and send back to us.

important Important: Please ask your references to include the 4-character cohort designation TES4 when they submit their reference. All references must arrive in sealed envelopes with the reference’s signature on the seal.

Access the grad reference form..

Vicki Domansky
TES4 Graduate Cohort
Faculty of Education, PDCE Office
University of British Columbia
1304-2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4


If you require any assistance with the application process, please contact:

Vicki Domansky
Senior Program Assistant Team Lead

Apply Now

Info Sessions

Meet the Program Advisor – Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc – as well as the Program Assistant, and learn more about this program and about applying to become a UBC graduate student.


There are currently no info sessions scheduled for this program

Missed our info sessions?

Review the PDF slides from our info session on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Download the slides (PDF)

“The Online MEd in TESL has been wonderful for me. The exposure to theory, new fields of knowledge, and new practices have enriched my understanding of teaching and materials design.As a long-time ESL instructor with twenty-plus years of experience, I needed something to get me excited about the field again. This program did the trick. I really enjoyed the depth and variety of reading and the weekly online forums where my classmates, experienced peers in many different ESL contexts, shared our understandings and experiences from practice.”

– Astrid van der Pol

“This online asynchronous TESL program was exactly what I was searching for in a part-time master’s degree. I was able to further my learning in my field and engage in beneficial discussions with a wonderful cohort located all over the world! From class to class and year to year, I developed not only as a teacher but also as a person, as it took a lot of organization and discipline to complete this program while settling into my new career working. Course instructors, eye-opening readings, and reflective assignments all helped me view my profession from a different, more critical lens, and I am glad for that.”

– Julian Pendenza

“I really enjoyed The Online TESL Master’s Program. This program was very convenient, as it allowed me to work full-time while I studied. I learned through listening to the ideas of others, participating in the discussion forums, and by focusing on the course readings. I never thought that I’d enjoy an asynchronous program this much, however, I loved the aspect of learning at my own pace. This program encouraged me to build both self-discipline and a sense of accountability. The course canvas for each of my courses was designed so well and effectively — it enabled me to quickly access materials/resources needed to complete my discussion posts.”

– Jessica Geary

“I particularly liked this program because it is offered in cohorts and it follows a clear and straightforward schedule. The cohort model facilitates peer communication as participants develop a degree of familiarity with one another, which really helps when posting on the discussion boards. The course offerings and the program’s schedule also make planning a stress-free experience. The course modules are all well-laid out, and the instructors are not only well-published and leaders in the profession but are also very helpful and supportive. This program was an excellent learning experience, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to any in-service English language teacher who feels ready to take on a challenge and become a more qualified professional.”

– Behzad Amali

“I reviewed several programs, but many were blended with online and mandatory on campus classes, which would not fit my schedule. Then, a work colleague mentioned that UBC had an MEd in TESL completely online. I applied immediately and have never looked back… I have advanced my knowledge as a professional in the field of TESL. The most up-to-date ESL theory and teaching methods have been added to my teacher toolkit. With the expertise of the professors at UBC, I highly recommend this program to any professional interested in advancing their knowledge in the field.”

– Paige Janssen

“The program has delivered and accomplished its philosophy and mission as envisioned. Undeniably, it has achieved its goal to develop specialized professionals in the field of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). A perfect blend between theory and praxis, the program caters to the needs of TESL practitioners. The high-calibre professors are authority in the field.”

– Albert Maganaka

“I cannot say enough about the professors, from their personable interactions to their profound influences on my language acquisition perceptions. My professional life was inspired as they expertly guided me through the online learning, culminating in a powerful, collegial experience. We were all highly encouraged to share our acquired expertise with the understanding that it is essential to uplift the professional world of TESOL and language
learning with our innovative creations.”

– Karolyn Hills

“The highly esteemed professors used multimodal instruction to engage students and have been encouraging and supportive of my endeavours…The MEd in TESL program at UBC far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to develop their expertise in TESL theory and practice.

– Teresa Chan


For program content questions:

Dr. Andreea Cervatiuc
Program Coordinator

For application questions or assistance:

Senior Program Assistant


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