MEd in Social Studies

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Master of Education in Social Studies Education

Curriculum, Historical inquiry, & Pedagogy (CHiP)

Issues of equity, diversity, and social justice serve as foundational lenses for interrogating social studies curriculum and pedagogy.

This graduate program delves into key aspects of social studies curricula with connections to historical thinking, historical consciousness, visual culture, anti-oppressive and anti-racism education, gender studies, moral education, and the history and politics of curriculum.

The cohort-based model invites you to work through the program in a collaborative community of practice. Students in this program will construct strong, foundational knowledge about teaching and learning in social studies. Building on that base, you will investigate the ways in which inquiry, inter-culturalism, and 21st century teaching and learning are central to social studies education.

By the end of the 26-month program, students will have a wealth of knowledge to share. During the first semester of the program, incoming students will have a chance to learn from graduating students though a mini conference where they will share what they have learned and consider how it can help other Social Studies teachers in their contexts.

This program is offered by the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy.

Start Date: July 2025 proposed
Length: 2.5 years | Part-Time
Format: Online
Domestic Tuition: $16,716.70 CAD
International Tuition: $18,068.61 CAD

Upcoming Info Sessions

There are currently no info sessions scheduled for this program.

Program Details


Through the program, students will consider theories, principles, and practices in social studies education related to:

  • Critical analysis of dominant and alternative theories of learning, teaching, and assessment in Social Studies,
  • Improvement of practice through the study of educational theory, philosophy, and practice in Social Studies,
  • Analysis of different approaches to curriculum development and implementation and their impact on social studies teaching and learning,
  • The place of curriculum and pedagogy for social studies education in historical context, understanding the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that direct past, present, and future decision making, and
  • Using an inquiry stance toward your professional practice as an educator in a variety of settings.

Additionally, students will continually reflect on what they are learning and consider how it can help them understand the aims and purposes underlying social studies curricula in their contexts. This knowledge can then be used to inform new practices in their educational contexts.


This is the proposed schedule and is subject to change.

2023-2025 Cohort Schedule

Date Course Title Course Code
July 2023 Master’s Seminar in Social Studies Education (2 week intensive) EDCP 501
September 2023 Review of Research in Curriculum & Pedagogy in Social Studies Education EDCP 508
January 2024 Curriculum Issues & Theories EDCP 562
May 2024 Research Methods in Education EDUC 500
July 2024 Theorizing Pedagogy in Social Studies Education (3 week intensive) EDCP 542
S1/S2 2024 Elective*
September 2024 Problems in Historical Understanding EDCP 541
January 2025 Text, Politics, & Ideologies of Curriculum Development EDCP 564
W2/S1 2025 Elective*
July 2025 Graduating Paper or approved elective EDCP 590

*Recommended Electives include: EDCP/EDST/LLED Research Methodologies courses, EDCP 564, EDCP 565, EDCP 566, 400-level history/combination course.

Application Requirements

All students must meet the admission and application requirements of both the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the program, which include:

  • A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Education with at least a 76% average on a senior-level credits.
  • In special circumstances teacher education may be waived for those applicants who have a university degree with sufficient standing and experience related to their proposed field of study.
  • Normally 18 credits of senior course work or a professional concentration in Social Studies.
  • Normally two years’ teaching experience or other relevant professional experience within schools, communities, business, government, non-governmental organizations, or other education-oriented environments.
  • Three letters of recommendation from educators, supervisors, colleagues, or clients that speak to your abilities to complete a graduate degree and interest in Social Studies Education (encompassing history, geography, civics, etc.)
  • Resume/CV
  • A 600-word statement of intent of your Social Studies Education experience, professional goals, and the anticipated benefit of involvement in the program.


Type Per Installment Total Tuition
Domestic $ 2,388.10 CAD $16,716.70 CAD
International $2,581.23 CAD $18,068.61 CAD

Graduate tuition is assessed as an annual program fee, which is divided into three equal installments due at the beginning of academic terms starting in September, January and May.

Students in this program will pay a minimum of 7 installments.

Student Fees

Student fees include fees established and authorized by the UBC Board of Governors and fees established and authorized by students societies. These fees are in addition to tuition fees. Please see the UBC Calendar for details on student fees.

Fees are subject to change annually. Only information in the UBC Calendar is official

Funding Eligibility

As this program is part-time, it is not eligible for student loans or other types of funding.

How to Apply

Application Status: Closed

Application Deadline: TBD

Document Deadline: TBD


  • Navigate to
  • When you are ready to apply, click “Apply Online”.
  • Read the instructions, and either log in with your CWL or create a CWL if you have never attended UBC.
  • Once logged in, on the “Degree Program Selection,” type the 4-character cohort designation SSE2 into the “Program Keyword” field.
  • IMPORTANT: The program name should be Master of Education in Social Studies Education – Professional Cohort and the cohort code should be SSE2. Please ensure you are applying to the correct program – this part-time Professional Cohort is different than the regular on-campus program.
  • Select the program.
  • Click the “Apply” button.
  • Fill out the application as indicated.


Please have these ready to upload when you apply:

Transcripts, degree certificates (if applicable), English language assessment report (if applicable), statement of intent, and an up-to-date resume must be uploaded to your application.

In cases where referees are unable to submit an electronic reference, sealed and endorsed reference letters may be sent by mail. Your reference will receive a link to a reference form that they should complete and send back to us.

You can also find the Grad Reference Form here.

important Important: Please ask your references to include the 4-character cohort designation SSE2 when they submit their reference. All references must arrive in sealed envelopes with the reference’s signature on the seal.

Please send mailed documents to:

Kelvin Mok
SSE2 Graduate Cohort
Faculty of Education, PDCE Office
University of British Columbia
1304-2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4


After your application is submitted, all documents are uploaded, and references have been received, your application file is considered complete.

Once the application deadline for the program has passed, all completed application files are submitted to the Department for review.  Applications recommended by the Department for admission are then confirmed against Graduate & Post-Doctoral Studies requirements, and accepted applicants are notified. Any special case admissions require an additional review by Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies.

The entire process generally takes 8 to 12 weeks.


If you require any assistance with the application process, please contact:

Kelvin Mok
Senior Program Assistant

Info Sessions

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Meet the Program Advisor and Senior Program Assistant, and learn more about this program and about applying to become a UBC graduate student.

There are currently no info sessions scheduled for this program.

5:30-6:30pm PDT
Online via Zoom


Recorded Information Session (January 19, 2021)


For program content questions:

Dr. Andrea Webb
Cohort Advisor
Assistant Professor

For application questions or assistance:

Kelvin Mok
Senior Program Assistant