MEd in Modern Languages: French

For teachers in French Immersion, Francophone, Core French and Intensive French Programs

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Synchronous delivery and in-class in Montreal

The cohort begins July 2022, with three weeks in Montreal.

The Program

This graduate program allows teachers to explore their classroom practices from a research-informed perspective by placing the focus on their specific interests related to French language teaching, for example: multiliteracies and translanguaging, intercultural learning and curriculum renewal through indigenization, using gaming to teach French, social justice and inclusive practices in French language programs, as well as other current issues.

The 30-credit program is delivered in a hybrid format, including face to face, synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning. Each year of the program begins with a three-week course in Montreal, giving teachers an opportunity to interact with one another face-to-face and benefit from cultural activities in a francophone-multilingual setting. Courses between September and June are offered online and include 24 hours in synchronous format per semester.

In addition, students have the option of investigating a specific topic relevant to their professional practice in the form of a capstone project that can be shared in their professional contexts. Coursework therefore centers on methodology, theory and research across a range of fields related to learning and teaching French as both a second and a first language in French language minority settings.

Courses will be delivered over a two-and-a-half-year period. The course schedule takes into account teachers’ and administrators’ school calendar (report cards, spring break, etc.).

Program Benefits

  • This part-time Master’s program provides access to graduate studies to teachers in regions across Canada.
  • The courses are tailored to respond to the interests and professional goals of working educators and administrators.
  • The program offers an occasion to deepen your understanding of aspects of French language education and to make a professional contribution in your community with findings from a capstone project.
  • The program includes an unforgettable cultural and collegial experience during the two summer courses in Montreal.
  • You have a chance to be part of a French-language community of learning.
  • The program allows you to qualify for salary increases and leadership roles within the school system.

Participate via Web Conference

This program offers several options. The majority of courses are delivered online. Participants will therefore require a reliable high-speed internet connection and a headset with microphone. At times, some classes will also be offered on campus at UBC Vancouver in a technologically enhanced seminar room. Participants who live within travelling distance of Vancouver can attend these classes face-to-face, while those living elsewhere in BC or across Canada will attend these same classes online via web conference.

Financial Assistance

BC candidates accepted into the program will be eligible for BC Ministry of Education bursaries (federal French program funding).

Proposed Schedule

This program consists of 30 credits and follows a two-year, part-time schedule designed to fit the timetables of working teachers and administrators.

LLED 573 Theories of Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 500 Research Methodology in Education
LLED 526 Second Language Assessment: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches
LLED 521 Interculturality in Language Education: Theory, Research, and Practice
EDUC 513 Indigenous storytelling in Education
LLED 489A Applied Linguistics for Teachers
LLED 525 Bilingual Education: Theory and Practice
LLED 552 Theoretical Foundations of Reading Research and Practice
LLED 520 Theory and Research in Teaching of Modern Languages
LLED 590 Graduating Projector 3-credit elective course*
*With approval from the Program Coordinator.
2020 Elective (online)
2020 EDUC 500 Research Methodology in Education
2021 LLED 573 Theory and Practice Theories of Second Language Acquisition
2021 LLED 521 Interculturality in Language Education: Theory, Research, and Practice
2021 LLED 525 Bilingual Education: Theory and Practice
2021 LLED 526 Second Language Assessment: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches
2022 LLED 489A Applied Linguistics for Teachers
2022 LLED 552 Theoretical Foundations of Reading Research and Practice
2022 LLED 513 Indigenous Storytelling in Education
2022 LLED 590 Graduating Project
2022 LLED 520 Theory and Research in Teaching of Modern Languages

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • Proficiency in French (preferably B2) is required — this program will be taught entirely in French (readings are in French and English; major assignments are submitted in French or English; no tests)
  • Two years full-time teaching experience or an equivalent combination of engagements within schools, community centers, non-governmental organizations and other education-oriented environments
  • A completed three- or four-year undergraduate degree, and at least a 76% average on all senior-level credits
  • Three recommendations from professors, educators or administrators that speak to your engagement with education and leadership
  • A CV (resumé)
  • A 750-word statement of intent in French and English that explains:
    • why you have decided to apply to this program (in English)
    • how your professional/personal experiences have prepared you for this program (in English)
    • o which topics or questions are you interested in and hope to explore in more depth in your coursework (in French)
    • what you hope to take away from the program (in French)

Application Status: Not yet open.
Application Deadline:

Application information will be posted in fall 2021.


Refer to the UBC Calendar "Master of Education (program off-campus)" for confirmed and up-to-date fees.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change (typically 2% in May of each year).

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