MEd in Curriculum Studies

Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies

A part-time cohort program for working professionals and teachers throughout BC, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

This unique MEd in Curriculum Studies, with a focus on Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies, takes into account a diversity of perspectives, pedagogies, and conceptions of curriculum.

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This 30-credit graduate cohort will explore the various connections between place-conscious learning, rurality, curriculum, school and community engagement, and practitioner inquiry as they relate to a broad range of educational contexts.

This program offers students opportunities to examine, theoretically and experientially, the multiple and complex relations between teaching, learning, place, and the potential realization of social justice in local contexts.

Program Themes:

  • Practitioner Inquiry attends to the generativity that can come from educators inquiring into the contexts within which they teach and learn. Taking up pedagogy and curriculum as participatory, responsive, co-created and as an ethical act of inquiry, educators can develop leadership capacities within themselves and their communities.
  • Place-Consciousness is an informed and critical perspective on the relationships between people and the places they inhabit. Place-conscious education challenges learners to consider where they are, how they got here, and to examine the tensions that exist between different cultural groups in particular communities over time. Seen in this light, places provide a local focus for socioecological experiences and inquiry.
  • Pedagogy focuses on the ways that educators engage with learners, and the philosophical connections between intentions, epistemologies, practices, and learners.

Proposed Schedule

This 30-credit program consists of the following courses:

Aug 2022 Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies In-person EDCP 585
Aug 2022 Curriculum Issues and Theories in Education In-person EDCP 562
Sept 2022 Field Experiences: Exploring Indigenous Historical and Cultural Sites for Learning Online EDCP 598
Jan 2023 Theorizing Pedagogy Online EDCP 542
May 2023 Research Methodology in Education Online EDUC 500
July 2023 Review of Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy (elective) In-person EDCP 508
Sept 2023 Curriculum Change, Planning and Implementation Online EDCP 566
Jan 2024 Living Inquiry in Learning Communities Online CCFI 501
May 2024 Education Action Research (Elective) Online EDCP 512
July 2024 Graduating Paper In-person EDCP 590

In addition, two electives (400- or 500-level courses)

Recommended Electives (where available):

  • EDCP 508 | Review of Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • EDCP 512 | Education Action Research
  • EDCP 514 | Art/o/graphy
  • EDCP 532 | Theories and Dimension of Place-based Learning: Ecohumanist, Critical and Indigenous Lenses
  • EDCP 538 | Theory and Research in Environmental Education
  • EDCP 539 | Narrativity, Indigeneity and Ecopedagogy
  • EDST 542 | Fostering Learning in Practice
  • EDCP 563 | Curriculum Evaluation
  • EADM 558 | Leadership for Sustainability

Summer Courses and Dates (Location: Nelson, BC)

EDCP 585 Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies – August 2-10, 2022
EDCP 562 Curriculum Issues and Theories – August 11-19, 2022
EDCP 508 Review of Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy – July 11-21, 2023
EDCP 590 Graduating Paper Festival of Learning – July 23-26, 2024

Aug 2020 Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies EDCP 585
Aug 2020 Curriculum Issues and Theories in Education EDCP 562
Sept 2020 Research Methodology in Education EDUC 500
Jan 2021 Theorizing Pedagogy EDCP 542
May 2021 Field Experiences: Exploring Indigenous Historical and Cultural Sites for Learning EDCP 598
July 2021 A/r/tography (Elective) EDCP 514
Sept 2021 Curriculum Change, Planning and Implementation EDCP 566
Jan 2022 Living Inquiry in Learning Communities CCFI 501
May 2022 Education Action Research (Elective) EDCP 512
July 2022 Graduating Paper EDCP 590

Summer Course Accommodation Information in Nelson, BC

UBC in Nelson has secured accommodation for summer students enrolled in both the MEd program and the new Rural and Remote BEd, both facilitated in the summer term, August, at the WKTEP Learning Centre.

Residence rooms at Selkirk College’s Tenth Street campus have been reserved for all students in these programs. This campus is a mere 10 minute drive, and a robust (est. 30 min) but beautiful walk from downtown Nelson, where WKTEP is located.

Residence Details

Residence rooms are individual rooms with shared washrooms, common living and kitchen and laundry areas. Pods with 3 and 5 bedrooms are available. All linens and kitchen supplies are included. Multiple common areas for study, games, TV are available.

  • 15 rooms have been reserved for MEd students: August 1-20
  • Rate: $1050 (before tax)

Reservations will be held until July 1, 2022.

These rooms will only be offered to registered UBC students in these programs until the deadline. To reserve more rooms (for example if a family was planning on coming together) please contact the residence directly.

Learn More

More details, including photos, are available here:

Selkirk College Summer Stay at Tenth Street in Nelson.

Selkirk Contact

To confirm reservations, questions or other reservations, contact:

Barb Fleming


All students must meet the following requirements for the program:

  • A completed 4-year undergraduate degree with an average in the B+ range (76% at UBC) in all senior-level courses.
  • A 600-word statement of intent clearly outlining experiences and interests in Practitioner Inquiry and Place-Conscious Pedagogies, and how the specialization in Curriculum Studies supports your professional goals.
  • Statements of support from three referees, including whenever possible professors or administrators who can speak to your experience and interest in this topic, academic abilities and potential to complete a graduate program.
  • Resumé.
  • Preference will be given to those with two years’ teaching experience, those with equivalent engagement with schools, local or international communities, NGOs, and other related activities, and those with demonstrated academic interests in the area of study.

Seats are limited; early application is strongly recommended.

Application Status: CLOSED
Application deadline: Applications are now closed


Refer to the UBC Calendar "Master of Education (program off-campus)" for confirmed and up-to-date fees.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change (typically 2% in May of each year).

Please note the below listed tuition fees do not include student fees.

2022 Tuition Fees

Program Domestic Tuition International Tuition
MEd in Early Childhood Education – Professional Cohort $15,752.56 CAD $16,697.44 CAD
The above tuition fees are the approximate cost for the entire program.

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