Diploma in Education – Art Education

Diploma in Education – Art Education


Within UBC’s overall program in art education, is a faculty commitment to ongoing in–service for art teachers. Whenever possible, practicing teachers are encouraged to upgrade their expertise and qualifications by returning to UBC for additional courses.

Students enrolled in the Art Education diploma must complete 18 credits of courses in art education at the 300/400 level, with the remaining 12 credits chosen from any 300/400 level approved courses in the Faculties of Arts and/or Education.

For course approval, please contact Keith McPherson in the Teacher Education Office.

Diploma students may choose any of these courses in art education:

  • EDCP 303 Ceramic Design and Pedagogical Approaches: Art Education (6-credits)
  • EDCP 304 Textile Design and Pedagogical Approaches: Art Education (6-credits)

The  two courses listed above illustrate the collegial relationship between the Visual Arts program and the Art Education program. These courses are also open to fine arts students wishing to explore ceramics and textile design, both of which are unavailable to them in the Visual Arts Department in the Arts Faculty.

  • EDCP 400 Studies in Art Education Studio Area (2-6 credits)
  • EDCP 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409

Approved courses in the Faculties of Arts or Education numbered 300 or above

For approval of electives, please contact a teacher education program coordinator.

For approval to enroll in a 500-level graduate course as part of the Diploma credits, please contact the department advisor with copy of approval emailed to the teacher education program coordinator.

Pre-Approved courses for transfer credit from other institutions:
TRU – Open Learning (online courses):

  • VISA 3991 – Cultural Theory and Images (3 credits)

Athabasca University (online courses):

  • ARHI 301 – Canadian Visual Culture (3 credits)

A 4-year, 120-credit UBC bachelor’s degree or equivalent with senior-level Art or Design coursework.

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Apply via the Teacher Education Office

This course is offered by the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy