Not Graduating

What if you don’t want to graduate or haven’t paid all of your fees yet? What are your options?

Taking More Courses

You can continue to take courses – as long as you are paying tuition instalments, you are eligible to continue taking courses. All courses must be approved by your graduate advisor and must be relevant to your program of study. Note, however, that these courses are considered part of your degree and can not be transferred to another degree or program.

TQS Salary Scale Movement

It may be possible to upgrade your scale, but you should check their regulations with TQS directly, including — but not limited to — reading their web site (

Do Nothing

Another option for you is to just sit back and pay your installments as they are due, not worrying about anything else. If you do this, keep track of how many installments you have left, and when you are ready to pay your final one, deal with graduation then.