Learn Mental Health Literacy

Building Your Mental Health Literacy

National surveys report that about 70% of Canadian teachers identify a need for more knowledge about mental health and mental illness, yet most Faculties of Education do not have a comprehensive mental health literacy curriculum resource.

This online, self-paced resource addresses that gap. Pre-service and current teachers can take this 7-module course in its entirety or simply the modules they are most interested in. Faculties of Education are welcome to use these resources to support their course and/or discussions on mental health in the same way.

The 7 Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction & Background
  • Module 2: Stigma & Mental Health
  • Module 3: Human Brain Development
  • Module 4: Understanding Mental Health, Mental Illness & Related Issues in Young People
  • Module 5: What is Treatment?
  • Module 6: Seeking Help & Providing Support
  • Module 7: Caring for Students & Ourselves

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Now, let’s see if we can answer your questions in the FAQs below!

The program is a non-credit online course offered by the University of British Columbia, delivered on the UBCx Online platform. This is a self-paced course that consists of 7 modules. Modules can be completed in any order and participants may choose to complete all or only certain modules that most interest them.

This online program is asynchronous (no real-time events are scheduled).

This course is designed for teacher candidates currently in Faculties of Education and for educators currently working in schools including teachers, administrators and other specialized roles, e.g. Resource or Learning Support Teachers, or anyone who wishes to build their mental health literacy.

Developed by education and mental health professionals, this seven module (8 to 10 hours) course will provide you with a foundation of mental health literacy, including effective strategies to use in your educational settings and in your own life.

National surveys report that about 70% of Canadian teachers identify a need for more knowledge about mental health/mental illness. A national scoping exercise found that a comprehensive mental health literacy curriculum resource is not available in most Canadian Faculties of Education. This online mental health literacy for pre-service teacher education resource has been developed to address that gap.

Read an interview with Dr. Wendy Carr, Faculty of Education, on co-developing this project with colleagues at Dalhousie U., Western U., and St. Francis Xavier U.

This resource aims to:

  1. Enhance mental health literacy of teacher candidates in Canadian Faculties of Education
  2. Provide classroom congruent materials that can be used both during practicum and after graduation to help address mental health literacy of students
  3. Identify strategies that can be used for obtaining and maintaining your own mental health

This resource does NOT educate how to diagnose or treat mental illnesses. If you are concerned about a student’s mental health, talk to the leadership team in your school and consult with health professionals in your school or at the school district level and provide information they need to better support that student. As part of the school-based team of professionals, determine what your role will be to better support your student.

This online resource is free.

The optional Certificate of Completion is CAD $50 + GST.

While this will be unique for each participant, based on the course work the estimated commitment is approximately 8-10 hours in total. This is a self-paced course, with no real-time events. Learners progress at their own pace.

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Learn Mental Health Literacy does not provide a curriculum resource to use in the classroom. However, another MOOC, Learn Mental Health Literacy Literacy provides a curriculum resource suitable for use with students aged 12 to 19 and walks you through how to use it. Take a look at Learn Mental Health Literacy Literacy!

Proudly offered in partnership by:

The University of British Columbia, St Francis Xavier University, Western University, and TeenMentalHealth.org