Intergenerational learning in Indigenous education

July 2013

Roxane Letterlough’s experience as graduate student in education at UBC is one where family and community, teaching and learning, are interconnected in many spaces.

A grade 5/6 teacher at Sk’elep School of Excellence in Kamloops, Roxane is enrolled in an MEd in Literacy Education program emphasizing Indigenous Knowledges and Pedagogies (IKP1). While she teaches during the school year, Roxane studies online with program participants from around BC.

In the summertime, she comes to Vancouver to attend courses on traditional Musqueam territory with fellow cohort students, and faculty members specializing in Indigenous Education. Micah and Rylee – Roxane’s 18-month-old daughter, and 12-year-old son – accompany her to class each day.

This July, the family participated in the Living Our Indigenous Languages summer institute. During breaks, Micah spent time interacting with Roxane, Rylee, and many new friends while munching on cheese and crackers. The routine is familiar to Rylee; when he was Micah’s age, he accompanied his mother to class while she earned her Bachelor of Education at UBC. These days, Rylee spends much of his time devouring novels while Roxane studies to enhance her teaching practice.

Roxane is delighted by her continued connection to the Indigenous Education community at UBC. She and her cohort will work toward completing their program with a capstone project beginning next summer, as the second cohort begins.

The MEd in Literacy Education, with an emphasis on Indigenous Knowledges & Pedagogies is offered by the Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED). Learn more about the program.

Story by Jenny van Enckevort.