Elementary Physical & Health Education

Supporting School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy

Professional Institute

Available for Credit | EDCP 420

This Institute from the School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project will introduce teachers to Elementary Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum, content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, practical experiences, and professional responsibilities of a successful elementary school teacher. The course will expand teachers’ level of confidence and competence when delivering the British Columbia (BC) PHE Curriculum.

In this course, learners will work through modules on the BC PHE K-7 curriculum, the Indigenous holistic approaches to teaching and learning, creating equity, diversity and inclusion in PHE, quality physical education, assessment, physical literacy and the comprehensive school health model. Learners will work on their own and with others while being guided by leaders from BC school districts, Indigenous Sport Physical Activity and Recreation Council and several BC Universities.

The goals of this Institute are to support BC elementary school educators and pre-service teachers to be able to:

  • Increase their level of confidence and competence when delivering the B.C.Physical and Health Education curriculum
  • Implement activities to increase the number of minutes during the school day for students to be active
  • Use physical activity to support student mental well-being
  • Identify the value of physical activity for one’s own mental health and plan and assess how to incorporate personal wellbeing into your educational planning; and plan to increase your knowledge of physical activity as a mechanism to support your own mental well-being
  • Learn culturally relevant and responsible pedagogies to advance an understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and being in relation to physical activity, health and well-being


This Institute focuses on pragmatics of elementary PHE including: curriculum analysis, teaching strategies, lesson and unit planning, assessment and evaluation practices, and gathering resources. In addition, course materials will highlight ways to modify and adapt learning experiences to meet the diverse needs of children and cross-curricular approaches. In addition, a variety of PHE specific curriculum and pedagogical innovations will be explored.

Through an inquiry approach to teaching and learning, learners will learn about the construction of knowledge through experiential learning, develop deeper understandings and critical consciousness about physical activity planning and promotion, and garner problem-solving faculties through individual and group work. This hands-on and active course will also explore how to create student-centered programs with a variety of activities that offer opportunities for cross-curricular programming using the core and curricular competencies in the B.C. PHE curriculum.

This course will be delivered via a combination of face-to-face and virtual sessions. The course will be offered through the University of British Columbia but will take place at the University of Fraser Valley. Students and in-service teachers that are not students of UBC will register as visiting students and will be able to transfer the credit to their program/home institution.

Course Instructor

Dr. Joanna Sheppard (UFV)

View Dr. Sheppard’s full bio.

Guest Instructors

Steve McGinley (UBC)
Dr. Steven Berg (UBC O)
Dr. Guy Le Masurier (VIU)
Dr. Hartley Banack (UNBC)
Lise Gilles
Josh Ogilvie (SD 68)
Alexandra Inglis (SD 73)


Online & In-person


University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)
Mission campus at Heritage Park Centre
33700 Prentis Avenue
Mission, BC


Week #1
Friday, January 14 | 4pm – 7pm | (online sync./async.) 3 hours
Saturday, January 15 | 9am – 5pm | (f2f) 7 hours / 1 hour break

Week #2
Friday, January 21 | 4pm – 7pm | (online sync./async.) 3 hours
Saturday, January 22 | 9am – 5pm | (f2f) 7 hours / 1 hour break

Week #3
Friday, January 28 | 4pm – 7pm | (online sync./async.) 3 hours
Saturday, January 29 | 9am – 5pm | (f2f) 7 hours / 1 hour break

Week #4
Friday, February 4 | 4pm – 7pm | (online sync./async.) 3 hours
Saturday, February 5 | 9am – 5pm | (f2f) 7 hours / 1 hour break

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