Selected Topics in Early Childhood Education: Sociocultural Perspectives in Early Childhood Education

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Two Sociocultural Interviews and Analysis or Examination of a Child’s World
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In this online course, we will investigate the breadth of research on early learning within a sociocultural theoretical framework. We will examine the ways that children engage in a range of learning activities and accumulate a rich array of experiences across the significant contexts in their world (e.g., home, school, community). We will reflect on the importance of different types of relationships for young children and examine the ways a range of mediators impact children’s worlds. We will explore how children’s identities are influenced by the contexts and people they encounter as they travel through childhood.


  • To learn about young children’s development from a sociocultural perspective
  • To examine the multiple mediators and sociocultural contexts that are part of young children’s worlds
  • To consider the ways in which children’s identities are constructed due to their experiences
  • To reflect on the importance of nurturing, valuing and honouring children’s interests and funds of knowledge in early childhood contexts


  1. The History of Sociocultural Theory
  2. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological System
  3. Young Children as Active Learners – A Global Perspective
  4. Invisible Mediators in Young Children’s Worlds
  5. Young Children’s Funds of Knowledge
  6. The Connection between Play and Sociocultural Theory
  7. The Evolving Nature of Social and Cultural Practices in Aboriginal Children’s Worlds
  8. Valuing, Respecting and Including Immigrant Children’s Languages in the Early Childhood Setting
  9. Sociocultural Theory and The Early Learning Environment
  10. Sociocultural Approaches to Assessment
  11. The Role of the Early Childhood Educator
  12. Reflection


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