Diploma in Education – Teacher-Librarianship

Diploma in Education – Teacher-Librarianship


UBC offers a 30-credit Diploma in Education – Teacher-Librarianship. This diploma meets all the course recommendations of the Canadian School Library Association. Students have the option to complete their Diploma entirely online.

The Diploma in Education – Teacher-Librarianship offers flexibility in course selection. Students are encouraged to take the required courses in any order, and at their own pace. All 30 credits must be completed within five years from the commencement of the first applicable course. If students begin their coursework as an unclassified student, they may advance their UBC coursework to a maximum of 18 credits (or, if a student has studied outside of UBC, 12 appropriate non-UBC credits) into their Diploma program. Please note that any transferred credits must also be within the five year limit.

Core Courses (21 credits)

  • LIBE 461 Administration of the School Library Resource Centre (3)
  • LIBE 463 Selection of Learning Resources (3)
  • LIBE 465 Organization of Learning Resources (3)
  • LIBE 467 Information Services I (3)
  • LIBE 477 Special Topics in Teacher Librarianship (focus in New Media & New Technologies in the School Library Program) (3)
  • LLED 462 School Library Resource Centre Programs (3)
  • LLED 469 Resource-Based Teaching (3)

Children’s Literature (3 credits)

  • LLED 440
  • LLED 441 Introduction to Children’s Literature (3)
  • LLED 442
  • LLED 443
  • LLED 444
  • LLED 445
  • LLED 446
  • LLED 449

Language and Literacy Education (3 credits)

  • LLED 450
  • LLED 451
  • LLED 452 Literacy in the Content Areas: Intermediate through Secondary (3)
  • LLED 453
  • LLED 454
  • LLED 456
  • LLED 459 Trends and issues in Literacy Instruction (3)

Elective Courses (3 credits)

Language and Literacy Education courses:

  • Any 400 level course with the prefix: LLED or LIBE

Curriculum and Pedagogy courses:

  • EDCP 362, EDCP 460, EDCP 470, EDCP 473

  • BEd or equivalent Teacher Education program.
  • Two years teaching experience (can include TOC experience).

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This program is offered by the Department of Language & Literacy Education.