Diploma in Education – Literacy Education

Diploma in Education – Literacy Education


The Diploma in Language and Literacy Education is an in-service program for teachers and administrators who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge of curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation for diverse types of school populations. It encompasses the various aspects of Language and Literacy Education, including: oral and written communication, reading, children’s and adolescent’s literature, drama, English education, French education, and modern languages education. Students may choose either to focus on a particular aspect of language and literacy education, to select a variety of courses from among the various areas of language arts, or a combination of the two.

A minimum of one year’s teaching experience is strongly recommended.

Diploma students must complete a combination of 21-24 credits in Core Courses and 6-9 credits in approved Elective Courses.

Core Courses

Focus Area: Reading/Literacy/Language Arts

  • LLED 391, LLED 438, LLED 439, LLED 450, LLED 451, LLED 452, LLED 454, LLED 456, LLED 459, LLED 479, LLED 480, LLED 481, LLED 482, LLED 486

Focus Area: Materials and Resources of Literacy Instruction

  • LIBE 463, LLED 453, LLED 462, LLED 469, LLED 481

Focus Area: Children's Literature

  • LLEd 440, LLED 441, LLED 442, LLED 443, LLED 444, LLED 445, LLED 446, LLED 449

Focus Area: Drama

  • LLEd 313, LLED 333, LLED 334, LLED 335, LLED 435

Focus Area: French

  • LLED 323 LLED 324, LLED 325, LLED 420, LLED 426, LLED 428, LLED 429

Elective Courses

Courses at the 300-400 level in Language and Literacy Education, other Departments in the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Arts.

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BEd or equivalent Teacher Education program.

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This program is offered by the Department of Language & Literacy Education.