Diploma in Education – Technology Studies

Diploma in Education – Technology Studies

The Technology Studies Diploma in Education program is designed to allow teachers of technology subjects to focus on new or established areas of curricular significance in order to enhance their knowledge of existing curricular topics and to develop new areas of curriculum. The diploma requirement is 30 post-baccalaureate credits, and its flexibility makes it a viable option to the masters program. The difference between the two is that in the diploma program students can take 12 credits of senior–level technical courses from BCIT, Emily Carr, or other design and technical institutions.

Core Courses (12-15 Credits):

EDCP 377 – Curriculum and Pedagogy in Design and Technology Education II: Education

EDCP 471 c – Technological Practices in Education: Technical Problems

EDCP 598 c – Field Experiences

EDCP 467 – Special Topics in Curriculum and Pedagogy*

* This course may be taken on a directed study basis for a maximum of 6 credits.

Elective Courses (15-18 Credits):

Approved courses in the Faculties of Arts, Education, and/or Science

Approved Technical courses

For elective course approval, please contact a Teacher Education Program Coordinator.

If you wish to complete a 30-credit UBC-conferred post-degree diploma, apply for admission in this category, and be sure to indicate the specific Diploma program you are applying to.

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