Adult Learning and Education Undergraduate Certificate Program

Certificate in Adult Learning and Education


The Undergraduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education (UGCALE) is designed to introduce the broad field of adult learning and education to those who anticipate being involved with or who may already be designing, planning, implementing, teaching and evaluating educational and training programs for adults as part of their lifelong learning and professional practice.

The certificate will appeal to people who facilitate adult learning or practice adult education in a broad array of formal, non-formal and informal settings.

This program will appeal to:

  • community workers
  • trainers in business and industry
  • those working in health-related fields (nutritionists, nurses, kinesiologists, dental hygienists)
  • those working in sports fields (personal trainers, coaches)
  • teachers of English Language Learners
  • those involved with development work overseas
  • community college employees
  • school teachers contemplating a career in adult education

Do you want to get a certificate that documents your studies in Adult Learning and Education and that is recognized by employers, but do not have the time or resources to complete the Diploma? This Certificate is for you!

Required Courses – 12 credits

ADHE 327 (3) Teaching Adults
Planning, conducting and evaluating instruction for adults. Consideration is given to different beliefs and ways of thinking about teaching.
ADHE 329 (3) Developing Short Courses, Workshops and Seminars
Organization and administration of adult education events such as short courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and institutes.
ADHE 330 (3) The Community Practice of Adult Education
Community-based adult education with particular emphasis on the application of knowledge of the social, economic, cultural and political environment in developing and conducting adult education programs with and for individuals and groups.
ADHE 412 (3) An Overview of Adult Education
Survey of adult education theory and practice in Canada and the world. The focus is on the purpose of and participation in adult education, characteristics of learners, and the training of adult educators.

Elective Course – 3 credits

One of:
ADHE 328 (3) Institutions of Adult Education
The major contexts of adult education as it relates to a wide range of social institutions including the economy, workplace, the government, community, and the media.
EDST 493 (3) Introduction to the Study of Higher Education
This online course is intended to provide an introduction to the study of higher education. The field of higher education focuses on the study of all facets of institutions of higher learning. That is, it is the study of the institutions of higher education and everything that happens within them and in relation to the larger society.

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