Ready to Graduate?

Graduation is not an automatic procedure.

If you’re thinking about graduating, you have to keep four things in mind:

  1. Credits – you must have the required number creditsof approved course work in your degree in order to graduate.
  2. Communication with department graduate secretary – you must notify your department that you have met all of your requirements.
  3. Fees – All fees must be paid in full before graduation can take place.
  4. Application for graduation – If you don’t apply, then you cannot graduate.

Not quite ready to graduate? Please review this information.


  • To complete your M.Ed program, you must have completed at least 30 credits (or 48 credits for M.Ed Counselling Psychology programs) of approved course work. For November graduation, you can finish your credits in August, so it is possible that you are still studying as you think about graduation. If you are finishing in August or February, you still need to apply for graduation (see “Apply for Graduation” below) by the deadline, though you cannot do the rest of the graduation procedures until your grade for your final course has been entered.

Communication with your Department Graduate Secretary

  • Once you have completed your program, contact the graduate secretary in your department and inform them that you are finished. The graduate secretary will confirm this with their records and then inform the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FoGS). FoGS will close your program and inform Enrolment Services. This will result in the determination of your final fees.
  • If you do not know who your graduate secretary is, just ask us and we can tell you, contact your respective Graduation Program Assistant at PDCE.


  • Cohort programs require a minimum number of payment installments before you can graduate. You may graduate early (before the set number of terms are finished), but you must pay all remaining installments in order to qualify for graduation. If you take more than the number of terms set for your program to complete, you must pay further installments until completion.
  • Once FoGS has approved the completion of your program and informed Enrollment Services, a FINAL assessment is done by the “graduating clerk” and you must “settle the account.” This final assessment will appear on your student account, and it will be listed as “ASSESSMENT ADDED LATE.” It will consist of tuition only, no student levied-fees.
  • Final fees statements are not mailed but instead are available online; if your fees are overdue you will be notified via e-mail. You are required to keep track of your due dates. You can do this by logging into your account on the Student Service Centre. It usually takes several weeks from the time you notify the graduate secretary of your intention to graduate before your final assessment appears on your account. The due date will be the 7th of the month following the closure of your program (e.g. if FoGS closes your program on September 15, then your final fees will be due on October 7).
  • If you have completed your program before you have paid all of your installments, you may decide that you do not wish to graduate at this time due to financial considerations. If that is the case, you can click HERE for considerations.

Apply for Graduation

  • Applying for graduation is one of those things which PDCE can not do for you. You can apply on-line, by logging into your student account on the Student Service Centre web site. Click on “Graduation” and then fill out the form. Print out your “completed” form (before clicking the “submit” button) and keep a copy for reference.
  • When you do the on-line application, you will get an automated email that states that the application is now being forwarded to the graduation office. That will be the only communication you should receive until the graduation package is mailed to you. That package will include information on tickets and what procedures you need to follow. However, you can check the status of your application by logging onto your student account on the Student Service Centre.
  • For November Convocation, the deadline is August 31 and for May convocation it is the end of February (28 or 29 when applicable). You can begin the graduation process by applying for graduation even as you are completing your final course(s).

If you still have any questions after reading this, please see our Graduation FAQ page.