Trends and Issues in Literacy Instruction

LLED 459 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


Assignment 1:   An introductory evaluation or taking stock
Assignment 2:   Responses to course readings in six different modules
Assignment 3:   An in-depth exploration of a course topic of interest
Assignment 4:   Discussion component

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Prerequisite: An introductory-level reading or language arts education course.

Current trends in comprehension instruction and multi-literacies. LLED 459 is a core course for the Language and Literacy Education Diploma.


  1. Develop an understanding of the interrelation amongst technology, literacy theory, research and practice.
  2. Expand and re-evaluate your knowledge of current thinking and research in literacy theory and practice and consequent implications for literacy instruction in a variety of classrooms.
  3. Develop an understanding of how beginning literacy theory and practice relates to adult literacy, ESL reading and Web 2.0 technology.
  4. Have an opportunity to think critically and creatively about implications of these theories and practices for your own teaching.


This online course is offered on Canvas –

  1. Taking stock of literacy: our beliefs
  2. New technologies for new learners
  3. Multi-literacies: engaging students with and through reading
  4. Critical literacy
  5. Teaching with and through literature
  6. Reading in a new key: comics, graphic novels and e-readers
  7. Composing and writing, Part One
  8. Composing and writing, Part Two
  9. Diverse cultures
  10. Barriers to literacy: several learner-centred approaches
  11. Assessment
  12. Looking forward


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There is no textbook required.


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