The Education of Immigrant Students

LLED 479 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Educational Culture Study
  • Critique of Five Articles
  • Critique of Ten Strategies for Teaching ESL/EAL Learners
  • Participation on the Online Discussion Board

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An examination of the cultural backgrounds of major ethnic groups. Instructional techniques for meeting the needs of immigrant students in the grade level classroom with respect to culture and language. (UBC Calendar)

LLED 479 is a pre-approved elective for the Diploma in Education – Early Years Education and the Diploma in Education – Infant Development and Supported Child Development.  LLED 479 is one course for a Minor in Education, Language Learning and Teaching.


The central objectives of this online course are:

  • to develop an understanding of the meaning of cultural diversity and multicultural education in the context of today’s schools;
  • to become knowledgeable about some of the issues surrounding the historical, socio-political, psychological and linguistic backgrounds of immigrant and multicultural students;
  • to explore appropriate teaching techniques and strategies for multicultural classrooms;
  • to gain knowledge about appropriate and relevant resources and materials;
  • to consider the appropriateness and possible uses of resources and materials for a multicultural and multilingual context.


This course will be offered online on Canvas –

  1. Setting the Context: ESL/EAL Learners in Every Classroom
  2. Culture and Communication in the Classroom
  3. “Isms”:  Race, Ethnocentricity, Stereotypes and other Frames of Reference
  4. Language and Identity
  5. Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Starting with the End in Mind: Assessment and ESL/EAL Learners
  7. Integrating Language and Content Instruction
  8. Vocabulary and Language Development
  9. Representations of Learning
  10. Reading and Reading in the Content Areas
  11. Writing and Writing across the Curriculum
  12. ESL “Special” Learners
  13. Looking Forward; Looking Back


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  • Helmer, S. & Eddy, C. (2012). Look at Me When I Talk to You: EAL Learners in Non-EAL Classrooms. (3rd edition). Hardcover. Pippin Publishing Corporation. ISBN: 9780887511226
  • Herrell,  A.L.,  &  Jordan,  M.  (2015).  Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners. (5th edition). Boston,  MA: Pearson. ISBN: 9780133802450


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