Teaching with Illustrated Materials, K-12: From Picture Books to Information Texts

LLED 446 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


Assignment 1:  A Glossary of fifty key terms to define
Assignment 2:  Ten key questions on illustrated materials
Assignment 3:  Creation of a set of classroom resources or a 2000 word paper
Assignment 4:  An annotated Bibliography of key illustrated texts read for the course

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This online course explores the use of illustrated children’s materials in K-12 classrooms with particular attention given to the role of the visual modality in conveying narrative and concept information to readers. Also, this course explores the ways that illustrated materials support the instructional goals for the education of K-12 students. This course aims to promote awareness and acceptance of diversity, our own, of our peers, students and that of the creators of illustrated literary texts.


This online course is offered on Canvas – http://canvas.ubc.ca

1 Illustrated Literature – Multimodal texts
2 The Role of Modality
3 Wordless / Silent Books
4 Spare Texts – what are those gaps?
5 A language for expressing what image and illustration do
6 A theory of narrative for sequential visual narrative forms
7 Picture Books – challenging and controversial books and why we need them
8 Denotative vs connotative illustrated books
9 Playful, metafictive postmodern books
10 Hybrid picture books and the rise of graphic novels
11 Graphic novels for every age – fiction and non-fiction
12 Illustrated Information Books
13 Illustrated Information


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There is no textbook required.


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