2014 SRL Inquiry Hub Summer Institute

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Collaborating to Foster Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in Schools

This SRL Summer Institute is designed to inspire and support educators working to foster “self-regulated” learning (SRL) in schools. Through the three days of the Institute, participants will consider:

  1. What is self-regulation, and why is it important?
  2. What goals might we need to set in order to foster self-regulation in schools?
  3. How does a focus on SRL fit with other initiatives currently underway in BC (for example, assessment for learning; teaching for diversity; or inquiry-based learning)?
  4. What can educators do to support SRL in schools?

Story: “Now growing in BC school districts: Inquiry-based professional learning

A priority within the Institute will be to enable educators, facilitators, and/or leaders to build from this summer event to take up “self-regulation” as a focus within on-going, inquiry-based initiatives. In an inquiry-based approach, educators work together in learning communities (e.g., learning teams) to advance their learning and practice around particular issues. As part of the Summer Institute, participants will not only develop foundational knowledge about SRL with potential to inform their practice, but they will also consider how individuals in varying roles or positions (e.g., teachers, facilitators, leaders) might work in concert to take up SRL as a focus of inquiry within their particular contexts.

Finally, while participants can take this Summer Institute as a stand-alone activity, it is also one key component of an “SRL Inquiry Hub” designed to provide on-going support to inquiring educators across an entire year. For more information on the SRL Inquiry Hub, and possible pathways for participating, please see the SRL Inquiry Hub webpage.

Why Focus on Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)?

Across North America, self-regulation is being associated with the kinds of “21st century learning skills” that schools need to foster, if today’s learners are to experience success from primary grades through the adult years. Self-regulation is critical because it entails learners’ adaptive engagement in activity within particular environments (e.g., students’ successful navigation of academic work in schools). Models of self-regulation describe how “metacognition” (e.g., understanding oneself as a learner), motivation/emotions, and strategic action combine to ensure success in learning. Research suggests that these models provide a powerful framework from which educators can build to better understand challenges/successes in students’ learning and engagement, and for constructing practices that foster students’ development as empowered, strategic learners.


The SRL summer institute instructors are experts in their field, who actively engaged in collaborative research with schools and districts, and have supported collaborative, inquiry-oriented professional learning with BC educators.

Dr. Deborah Butler is Professor in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education at The University of British Columbia and a founding member of the Canadian Consortium for Self-Regulated Learning. Her research interests concern metacognition and self-regulated learning; strategic performance in reading, writing, and mathematics; collaboration and co-regulation in teachers’ professional learning; and collaborative professional development models.
Dr. Nancy Perry is Professor in the Deptartment of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Her research focuses on: (a) promoting motivation and self-regulation/SRL in elementary age children and youth who struggle in school; and (b) working with teachers to design activities and structure interactions with students to promote SRL. In addition to working with practicing teachers, she works with preservice teachers in the Self-Regulated Learning Cohort in the Teacher Education Program at UBC. Dr. Perry is a founding member of the SRL Canada Consortium.

UBC Vancouver

IK Barber Learning Centre | Rm. 261 | Map

July 2, 3 & 4, 2014

9:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Summer Institute Registration & Fees

Non-Credit Registration Terms: Those who register for the Self-Regulated Learning summer institute only as non-credit participants, may not change their registration status to take the full course for academic credit. If you wish to take the full course, please visit the SRL Inquiry Hub website.

Refund Policy for Non-Credit Applications: Withdrawals received in writing (email) on or before June 3 will be refunded the amount paid, less a $60 administration fee. Withdrawals received after June 3 and up until the commencement of the Summer Institute may be eligible for up to a 50% refund on fees paid.

Refund for Credit Applicants: Refer to the UBC Calendar, Refund of Tuition Fees.

FAQs: Review the FAQs for Non-Credit Course Registration.

The SRL Inquiry Hub

This SRL Summer Institute is linked to an innovative full-course experience that extends support to educators’ inquiry-based learning across an entire year. For more information on the SRL Inquiry Hub, and associated course and fee structures, please see the SRL Inquiry Hub webpage.

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