2014 Health Literacy for Children & Youth

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Health education summer institute

Supporting, Planning & Educating for Health Literate Children and Youth

Course 2 | EDCP 327 96A | Special topics in Health Education (3.0 credits)

How can school districts, administrators and educators plan for quality student-centered health programming?  This question comes from the growing concerns across the nation of the health and well being of children and youth.

How do we teach our students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become health-literate? The course examines this question by first examining, health literacy along with past, current, and predicted issues that Canada faces for the health and wellbeing of children and youth.

In this course, we also examine the dimensions of health and the need for children and youth wellness programming in schools. We explore the role of, stakeholders (government officials, community organizations, school districts, principals, etc.), in promoting and supporting health literacy. We particularly look at the role of educators and how they can plan for and support health literacy in their schools and classrooms.

Through an inquiry approach to teaching and learning we construct knowledge through active involvement to develop deep understandings, critical consciousness, problem-solving faculties. We critically investigate case studies to uncover how educators can support children and youth in becoming health literate. We also examine subject specific, cross-curricular and extra-curricular programming and design practical projects and approaches for implementation.

Health issues for exploration: Bullying, Self-Esteem, Behavior, Puberty, Relationships, Communication, Social & Life skills, Physical Literacy, Nutrition, Mental Health & Substance Abuse.

This course focuses on the current BC Secondary curriculum and topics covered are related to: Foods, Family Studies, Planning 10 & Active Health 8-10.

Health Education in Secondary Schools

Course 1 | EDCP 326 96A | Health Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy (3.0 credits)

Please note that EDCP 326 96A has been cancelled.

Erin McGinley

Erin is currently an Adjunct Teaching Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC.

She earned her masters degree in the Department of Educational Studies at UBC in Leadership and Administration. Erin is seconded from the Burnaby School District where she worked as a Physical Educator & Athletic Director.

Erin’s passions lie in promoting and planning for health and physical education for all children and youth, as well as developing collaborative practices amongst educators.

UBC Vancouver

July 2–18, 2014

EDCP 327 | Special Topics in Health Education

Instructor: Erin McGinley
Forest Sciences Centre | Room 1613 | Map
11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

EDCP 326 | Health Education: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Please note that EDCP 326 96A has been cancelled.

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EDCP 326 96A | Health Education: Curriculum & Pedagogy
Please note that EDCP 326 96A has been cancelled.

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