Early Childhood Education

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Play, Language, Self-Regulation & Learning in Young Children

ECED 480B / ECED 565B / EPSE 565B

This course is concerned with the central role of the development of self-regulation abilities in young children during pre-school and early schooling. This will include abilities related to the regulation of cognition, emotion, motivation and social interaction. Evidence regarding the significance of these skills, the nature of their development during these age groups, and the contexts which support them will be addressed.

Particular focus will be placed on the examination of the role of play in these early developments, together with the role of early forms of pre-verbal and verbal communication with parents/carers and teachers. Implications for practice in pre-school and early years settings will be explored, including the characteristics of the classroom environment, activities and adult-child interactions which have been demonstrated to support children’s early self-regulation development.

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David_Whitebread(web)David Whitebread, BA, MEd, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology & Education at the University of Cambridge. He is a developmental cognitive psychologist and early years specialist. Before entering higher education, he taught in early years and primary schools for 12 years, mainly in Leicestershire, England.

His research interests are concerned with children’s cognitive development and implications for early years and primary education. He is currently involved in research projects dealing with metacognition and self-regulation in young children’s learning, and with the impact of playful experiences on children’s narrative skills.

Other interests evolutionary psychology, and the application of cognitive neuroscience to early years education. His publications include Teaching and Learning in the Early Years (3rd Ed, 2008, Routledge) and Developmental Psychology & Early Childhood Education (2011, Sage).

UBC Vancouver Campus

Buchanan Building | B318 | Map

July 8–19, 2013

8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

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