Creating the Future: Partnerships for Inclusive Learning

BC Summer Institute in inclusive learning


This intensive summer institute will focus on developing the understandings and skills that are needed to facilitate inclusive learning for all students in schools, and supporting students with challenging behaviour.

The institute is intended primarily for school-based teams that consist of three or more teachers (both general education and special education/resource teachers) and/or school administrators from elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

2103InclusiveBCInstitute Format

Parents, paraprofessionals, and related services personnel (e.g., school psychologists, speech-language pathologists) are welcome to attend as members of a school-based team.

Activities will consist of daily keynote sessions that will be attended by all participants and delivered by one of the Institute faculty; “Strand” instructional sessions that focus on specific topics and will be attended by a school-based team member interested in that topic; and team sessions in which all members of a school-based team will work together with a facilitator to develop an inclusion action plan for their school that incorporates the keynote and Strand information acquired by each team member. The Strands will be as follows:

  1. Parent-professional partnerships
  2. Universal design for learning / differentiated instruction
  3. Co-teaching and school-based teams
  4. Administrative leadership for inclusive education
  5. Restructuring for caring and effective education (what, why, how)
  6. Secondary school and transition planning
  7. Supporting students with challenging behaviour
  8. Inclusive literacy instruction

The institute is offered in partnership with the Family Support Institute.





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The institute will be taught by an international faculty of individuals with extensive expertise in supporting schools to implement inclusive educational practices. In alphabetical order by surname, they include:

  • Bruce Beairsto, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Norman Kunc, M.Sc, Co-Director, Broadreach Centre
  • David Hingsburger, M.Ed., Consultant, Vita Community Living Services
  • Nancy Hoyano, M.Ed., Instructor, Langara College
  • Pat Mirenda, Ph.D., Professor, UBC Vancouver
  • Vicki Rothstein, M.A., Consultant, By Design Consulting
  • Leyton Schnellert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UBC Okanagan
  • Jacqueline Thousand, Ph.D., Professor, California State University-San Marcos
  • Alice Udvari-Solner, Ph.D., Faculty Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Emma Van der Klift, M.A, Co-Director, Broadreach Centre
  • Richard Villa, Ed.D., President, Bayridge Consortium, San Diego, CA

UBC Vancouver Campus

July 15–19, 2013

8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Registration Requirements

This summer institute is available for undergraduate credit to UBC students. Students who enroll in the institute for credit through UBC will be expected to:

  1. If applicable, apply for admission to UBC (see below).
  2. Pay their UBC tuition fees plus the Creating the Future conference fee.
  3. Attend all five days of the Institute, for the entire time period each day. No absences are allowed.
  4. Read chapters from a course text prior to or during the Institute. The text will be Villa, R., & Thousand, J. (2005). Creating an inclusive school, 2nd ed.  Alexandria, VA; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
  5. Complete three assessment requirements:
    • A reflective journal related to the course readings, content, and activities. The purpose of the journal is to help students reflect on the knowledge and skills to which they are introduced, and integrate into their professional repertoire knowledge and skills that they find most relevant to their current or future experiences in the field of education. Due date: July 22, 2013
    • A Universal Design for Learning case study assignment that will enable students to apply what they have learned in the Institute to a case study student. Due date: July 31, 2013
    • An action plan for inclusion that is developed to solve two challenges related to inclusion that the student’s school-based team has identified, using a template provided during the Institute. Due date: July 19, 2013
How to Register
  1. Register and pay for the institute online through the Creating the Future conference website.
  2. Receive an email confirming registration.
  3. Forward the confirmation email to for registration in:
    EPSE 390A/96A | Special Topics – SELECTED TOPICS in Special Education (3 credits)
    Note: Students may not register themselves in this course section.

Admission to UBC

Undergraduate Students

All non-UBC students wishing to register in the courses must be first be admitted to the UBC Faculty of Education. Information on admission/readmission is available on the Teacher Education Office website.

Visiting Graduate Students

To be eligible for admission as a visiting student to UBC, students must be currently registered in a graduate program with good standing at the home university.

The Western Deans’ agreement does not apply to this institute program.

For assistance with the online admission procedures, contact the Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education graduate secretary: Alex Allen.

alternative registration options

Participants may choose to enroll in this institute for non-credit professional development, or for college credit through Douglas College. Please see the Creating the Future conference website for details.

UBC Students who wish to take this summer institute for credit as EPSE 390A/96A must pay the Creating the Future conference registration fee, as well as UBC tuition and student fees.

UBC Students

For current tuition information please refer to the UBC Calendar.

Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting graduate students who wish to take credit courses must register for those courses and will be assessed tuition fees at the prevailing graduate per credit rate, plus authorized student fees.

Tuition fees are subject to review by The University of British Columbia.

Tuition Fee Certificates

Current UBC graduate students may use Tuition Fee Certificates for the credit portion of this program. The certificate does not cover the cost of course materials or any other fees. Please note that Tuition Fee Certificates cannot be applied to the Family Studies Institute registration fee. Contact Professional Development & Community Engagement for more information:
604.822.2013 |