Radio EPLT is now on iTunes!

Yes, that’s right. We have arrived.

No, it’s not *that* important, but you can now find (and subscribe) to Radio EPLT (our bi-weekly podcast) on iTunes. So now you can just log into itunes, do a search for “EPLT” and we are the one that comes up “EPLT – UBC Faculty of Education”.  Or you can just go to it directly here.

We’re really happy to finally be on there, as I think that will give us a bit more exposure (at least over time).

Thus, you now have multiple ways to find us and subscribe! And you can listen every two weeks.

1) You can find us on iTunes

2) You can find us on Podbean and subscribe directly there

3) This blog will continue to have posts up when an episode is posted. Subscribe to the blog, and not only will you be alerted when new posts are up, but you’ll also see all of the other great information that we pass along.

If you do subscribe on iTunes, please leave a comment and a rating. That’s the only way we know that somebody’s listening through it, as iTunes does not provide subscriber stats.

And you can always send us feedback at

We are always looking to improve audio quality, and hope to have made some strides in that area over the next few episodes.

Happy listening!

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