Radio EPLT – Episode 8 – Ventures in Learning Technologies

Radio EPLT Episode 8 is now live!

In this episode, we cover everything from NCAA March Madness to Social Media in the Post-Secondary world. So we’re both sporty and educational!

First, we have an interview with David Vogt, instructor for ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technologies. He gives the listeners a lot of good information about the course.

Secondly, in episode 5, we discussed K-12 teachers and social media. In this episode, we cover this angle from the post-secondary instructor view.

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Radio EPLT – Episode 8 (49:20)

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1) Intro

2) Interview with David Vogt – Ventures in Learning Technologies (ETEC 522) (6:35)

ETEC 522 – Ventures in Learning Technologies course outline

3) Social Media in the Post-Secondary World (28:05)

Wired Campus Blog

Chronicle of Higher Education – Social Media Lures Academics

UBC Affairs – Web Strategy & Resources

Crafting a Social Media Policy

Inside Higher Ed – Facebook

Inside Higher Ed – Social Media

University Affairs – Two-Faced Facebook

New York Times – The Professor as an Open Book

SFU Social Media Guidelines

4) What’s Happening in EPLT & Conclusion (46:25)

MVR4 – Vocational Rehabilitation (Online)

HEEL – Human Ecology & Everyday Life (Online)

EDAL – M.Ed in Educational Administration & Leadership (Boundary Bay)

Master of Educational Technology

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EPLT Summer Institutes

Investigating Our Practices conference – May 7, 2011

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