Radio EPLT – Episode 7 – Nutrition & Education

Radio EPLT Episode 7 i s now live!

In this episode, Jenny and I talk about how nutrition can affect educational outcomes for kids. Healthy eating has now been shown to be very beneficial for kids in school, leading to much better learning results over children who do not have a healthy diet. We mention a few initiatives in Vancouver to help BC kids eat better. As well, we relive the days when the main staple of school cafeterias was that slice of greasy pizza.

Also, we talk to Nancy Castonguay, a graduate of the MET program and a teacher who has come up with some innovative ways to use iPods and other technologies in her classroom. We discuss her success stories, as well as things to watch out for. You might just get a few ideas for yourself in how to implement these technologies.

We also briefly talk about the Northern Voices Social Media Conference here at UBC.

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Radio EPLT – Episode 7 (44:30)

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1) Intro

2) Interview with Nancy Castonguay (5:05)

3) Nutrition & Educational Outcomes (25:25)

Mealtime Memo for Child Care – (pdf)

Dietitians of Canada – The Cost of Eating in BC

Vancouver School Board Garden Policy

Breakfast For Learning – BC

Community Kitchens

Public Health Association of BC – Farm to School Program

The Food Network – Fink

Britannia School Garden Club

Vancouver Foundation

4) What’s Happening in EPLT & Conclusion (41:45)

MVR4 – Vocational Rehabilitation (Online)

HEEL – Human Ecology & Everyday Life (Online)

EDAL – M.Ed in Educational Administration & Leadership (Boundary Bay)

Master of Educational Technology

Application deadline for September 2011 intake is May 15

Benchmarks in Historical Thinking – Summer Institute

Other EPLT Summer Institutes

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