Early Childhood Education Courses | Online & Richmond

Supporting Indigenous infants and young children with special needs

New Online Course | Begins January 2015

This course provides students with an introduction to perspectives related to working with Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) families with infants and children with special needs in Canada, and British Columbia in particular.

Students will explore Indigenous perspectives of childhood and lifespan development; Indigenous communities and colonial history; and the importance of culture and identity for the well-being of Indigenous children.

Register online: pdce.educ.ubc.ca/eced425

Kindergarten Curriculum

Richmond | Begins January 2015

In this course, Marie Thom works with students to examine the development of kindergarten programs with reference to recent research, theories of early learning, curriculum trends and practices, and the place of kindergarten in contemporary education.

Register online: pdce.educ.ubc.ca/eced416

Please visit the course websites for more information, or contact PDCE (pro-d.educ@ubc.ca).

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