Podcast – Radio EPLT – Episode 6

Radio EPLT Episode 6 is now live!

In this episode, we have an interview with Mary Leah de Zwart & Gale Smith regarding the HEEL Home Economics M.Ed program that we are administering. Jenny and I also discuss video games and educational outcomes, which is always a fun treat. We explore the myths and the negativity, as well as highlighting positive aspects of gaming for kids.

Everybody knows the studies about violence and video games affecting children, but what about the good stuff? The positive outcomes of games, especially in regards to education. Can playing video games actually help children learn? We cover that and more.

Yet we’re still unsuccessful in getting a console for the office.

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Radio EPLT – Episode 6 (45:10)

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1) Intro

BC Campus

2) Interview with Mary Leah de Zwart & Gale Smith, regarding HEEL (5:35)

3) Video Games & Children (Educational Outcomes) (18:10)

Jane McGonigal (Huffington Post) – Video Games: An Hour a Day is Key to Success in Life

Greg Linton – The Effects of Video Games on Learning: The Negative View

Greg Linton – The Effects of Video Games on Learning: The Positive View

Nicholas L. Carnagey and Craig A. Anderson – The Effects of Reward and Punishment in Violent Video Games on Aggressive Affect, Cognition, and Behavior

Games for Health

Journal of Adolescent Health – Game On. . . Girls: Associations Between Co-playing Video Games and Adolescent Behavioral and Family Outcomes (pdf)

What Videogames Have to Teach us About Learning & Literacy

Playing & Making Games for Learning (pdf)

Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames (MIT course)

Tidbits in Tech: Integration in Education/Video Game Integration in Education

4) What’s Happening in EPLT & Conclusion (40:15)

MVR4 – Vocational Rehabilitation (Online)

HEEL – Human Ecology & Everyday Life (Online)

EDAL – M.Ed in Educational Administration & Leadership (Boundary Bay)

Master of Educational Technology

Application deadline for September 2011 intake is May 15

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