Podcast Episode 4 – The Zombie Apocalypse

Radio EPLT Episode 4 is now live!

In this edition, fatigue has set in, but both co-host Jenny Williams and I soldier onward. Jenny is fatigued from trying to walk to Haiti in this year’s Faculty of Education Walkabout, and I am from a long day culminating in a great information session for the MVR4 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling M.Ed cohort.

Which is a nice transition into my interview with Vaughan Marshall, Clinical Training Coordinator and instructor in the MVR4 cohort. She tells us about the program, how to handle the prerequisites to the program, as well as giving an overview of how the program runs from beginning to end.

After that, Jenny and I discuss the use of comics/graphic novels in the classroom, including the challenges involved, some good resources for incorporating them into your class, and just why you should do it.

It also allows us both to geek out a bit on our favourite comics.

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can contact us at podcast.eplt@ubc.ca with your thoughts on the podcast itself, the topics we’ve discussed, or just any questions that an episode generates. We love to get mail. And who knows? It may even get read on the air (unless you don’t want it to, of course).

Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts, and not necessarily the views of either EPLT or the Faculty of Education.

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Radio EPLT – Episode 4 (57:48)

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1) Intro

2) Vaughan Marshall Interview (04:50)

3) Comics in the Classroom (24:00)

Center For Educational Pathways

The Comic Book Project

Dark Horse Comics

Maus – Yes, I know Wikipedia isn’t always the most accurate, but this is at least good enough to give you an idea of what the comic’s about and the history of it.

4) What’s Happening in EPLT & Conclusion (51:05)

Information on some of our cohort programs with deadlines coming up

M.Ed cohort in Human Ecology & Everyday Life (HEEL) – information session in Burnaby on Monday, February 7. See the web site for more details.

The History of Rome” podcast that I love so much.

Do we really need to link to Youtube? Ok, here’s a link to the first video in a great knitting tutorial.

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Next episode will be posted on Friday, February 11 (or maybe Saturday the 12th).