Podcast Episode 3 – Revenge of the SPA

Radio EPLT – Episode 3 is now live!

In this edition, both co-host Jenny Williams and I demonstrate just how nerdy we can be, with more sci-fi references than should ever be allowed at one time in a non-SF podcast.

There’s also some informative stuff too, though.

First, happy new year, everybody! (Probably should have started off with that).

Then, along with sharing our Christmas Break stories, we talk about what’s been going on in the office (including plugging some of our upcoming M.Ed cohort deadlines). I talk to Erin Gillespie,  a graduate of the MET program who currently is living and teaching in Hong Kong. She provides insight into the program from a student’s perspective, talks about what brought her to the program and what she’s done with it since she graduated. And, most importantly, tells us her favourite local delicacy (priorities, you know).

Finally, Jenny and I talk about OERs (Open Educational Resources), giving an overview of what they are, how they can be used, how they *are* being used, and some of the pros and cons of using them.

And don’t forget the SF references!

As always, we welcome your feedback. Contact us at podcast.eplt@ubc.ca with your thoughts on anything to do with the podcast, including responses to this episode! Who knows? We might actually read yours on-air.

Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts, and not necessarily the views of either EPLT or the Faculty of Education.

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More details after the break, including the episode breakdown.

Radio EPLT – Episode 3 (54:24)

Just play it in the handy web player below.


1) Introduction

2) Interview:  Erin Gillespie (MET Graduate): (06:40)

3) Open Educational Resources (OERs): (21:30)

Links mentioned in this segment:

Eric Pallant’s article about his year of teaching without a textbook.

MIT Open Courseware


Healthy Minds – a UBC blog

OER Commons

Google Scholar

4) What’s Happening in EPLT & Plugs: (49:30)

Deadlines for M.Ed cohort programs coming up! Too many to list, so just go to our cohort page and check them out.

MVR4 Vocational Rehabilitation online M.Ed cohort – Info session on Tuesday, January 25.

MET applications for 2011/2012 are now open!

UBC Faculty of Education 5th Annual Walkabout – This year, they’re walking to Haiti! Virtually, anyway. It’s all for a good cause, and will get you healthier as well.

MP3 Skype Recorder – The program that I used for today’s interview with Erin Gillespie, and will be using for many more interviews, I’m sure.

Our theme and bumper music: “The Pharaos Theme” by The Pharaos through a Creative Commons license

Time Warp sound effect courtesy of James Duckett and The Free Sound Project

Darth Vader sound effect courtesy of AudioMicro (lots of great free sound effects! Look for us to use more in the future)

Next episode will be posted on Friday, January 28.

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