Podcast Episode 1

EPLT is proud to announce that our first official episode of the EPLT podcast is now available and ready for download.

Episode 1 is chock full of goodness.

Many thanks once again to my illustrious cohost Sharon Hu, who also produced and edited this podcast. It was much longer than we had originally planned, but it was well worth it. So she had a bit more work than we thought she would. Yet she got it done in record time.

We appreciate feedback on the podcast. You can contact us with questions or comments podcast.eplt@ubc.ca

Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts, and not necessarily the views of either EPLT or the Faculty of Education.

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As usual, we are also providing the exact time breaks for each segment of the show, so you can skip around if you wish.

Radio EPLT: Episode 1 (1:11:00)

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1) Intro

a) Lessons learned from our Beta Podcast

b) Breakdown of what’s coming in the show

c) What’s been happening in EPLT since the last podcast

2) Interview – Brian Lamb (9:15)

I interview Brian Lamb, Teaching and Learning Strategist for The University of British Columbia’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology as well as an instructor for ETEC 540: Text Technologies.

We have an interesting conversation about his blog, Abject Learning, blogging in general, and ETEC 540. We also talk about Wikis in Education and at UBC, Social Media (both professional and personal use, and how those two go together sometimes), the importance of Open Education (and exactly what the heck Open Education is), and just what’s so fun and interesting about going to conferences.

And he isn’t even once ill-tempered, so I guess he was serious about saving it for his blog.

3) Discussion – Adobe Connect (46:20)

Sharon and I give you an update on how EPLT has been using Adobe Connect to enable our French Immersion M.Ed cohort to have students who are not actually in Vancouver. During the summer, when we did the original podcast, we had done a couple of information sessions using the technology. Now we’re implementing it in a classroom setting.

Things are going very well, and Sharon tells us how.

Also, we’re using Adobe Connect for a graduate course discussion forum as well as the Investigating Our Practices conference.

Something that educators out there may want to take a look at if they haven’t already.

4) Conclusion/Plugs (1:03:40)

What’s coming up in EPLT, including a number of M.Ed cohorts (information on these can be found here) as well as the Investigating Our Practices conference coming up in May 2011. Also, plugs!!!

Our theme and bumper music: “The Pharaos Theme” by The Pharaos through a Creative Commons license

Time Warp sound effect courtesy of James Duckett and The Free Sound Project