Podcast 0.5 (beta) is up!

EPLT is proud to announce that our very first podcast has finally been produced, and is ready for download.  It will also be posted on the EPLT web site soon.

Many thanks to Sharon Hu, my illustrious co-host as well as the producer of the show.  She spent a lot of time and effort getting it up to a quality that we feel comfortable putting out there.

We appreciate your feedback, of course, but please keep in mind that this is our first show.  It was harder than it sounded.  I guarantee that I won’t be as stiff-sounding in the future.

We do intend this to be a regular thing, but we won’t be starting it until the Fall (probably the end of October).  This particular episode is just to introduce us and to demonstrate to you, as well as ourselves, that we can get one up and running.  So at the end, when I say “see you in the Fall,” I really do mean it.

Stay tuned to this blog and our Twitter feed for more updates.

Anyway, here are the show notes for this episode.  The times are where the particular segment begins.

Episode 0.5 (Length: 33:39) – Right-Click on the link below and choose “save file” to download.  We’re having technical difficulties on actually playing it on the web, but you can download it. Or you can listen to the player below, but we’re still working on how to get it to work right. You can listen, but right now, all you can do is start and stop it. I will update when it’s working correctly.

Podcast 0.5



Interview with Mark Bachmann, MET Manager and EPLT Marketing Manager (5:00)

Discussion of web-conferencing tools and hybrid face-to-face/online course offerings (17:19)

Conclusion (31:18)

Music: “The Pharaos Theme” by The Pharaos through a Creative Commons license

Time Warp sound effect courtesy of James Duckett and The Free Sound Project

Update: We now have it set up to play in Yahoo Media Player.  Just click the play button.  However, you can’t click anywhere to move forward on the track.  So if you want to do that, you’ll have to download it and play it on your own player.