Down the Hall – Ep 26 – Education, Place, and Promise

Welcome to 2012! It’s the first episode of the new year, and Dave’s flying solo because Jenny’s unavoidably absent. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a great show for you, though. Dr. Blye Frank, Dean of the Faculty of Education, has some great and inspiring thoughts on what role the Faculty will play in the […]

Down the Hall – Ep 25 – The Season of Giving

It’s the holidays, and this is the final episode of Down the Hall for 2011. We hope you join us for more great stuff in 2012, but first, listen to this episode! We have lots of great stuff. First, Dave talks to Denise Lauritano, Co-Chair of the UBC Community United Way campaign. Denise tells us […]

Down the Hall – Ep 24 – Happy Anniversary

Down the Hall is one year old today! And what a year it’s been. It’s been a year of turnover (though thankfully that turnover happened right at the beginning), but we think we’ve really hit our stride and will continue to share with you interesting guests and engaging topics in Education. So how are we […]

Down the Hall has moved!

Changing podcast hosts can be a frightening thing, but we have finally decided to do it. While Podbean was fine as a host, we found that its statistics reporting wasn’t as helpful as it could be in regards to meeting our needs. Thus, Down the Hall is now on Libsyn! You can subscribe to us […]

Down the Hall – Ep 23 – QRacking the Code

You’ve probably seen them around on flyers, posters, even TV shows! Those interesting-looking square designs with squiggly lines and all of that. You may have wondered what they are? Those are QR codes, codes that are becoming more popular by the day as a new way to interact digitally with print media. In this episode, […]

Down the Hall – Ep 22 – Duck and Cover

We all like movies, right? As a society, we immerse ourselves in many forms of media, so much so that it’s only natural that we begin to study it, and its effect on us. Film studies has been a mainstay on college campuses for years, but what about studying media in the K-12 classroom? That’s […]

Down the Hall – Ep 21 – 21st Century Learning

Does school kill creativity? This week’s episode is inspired by a TED talk by Ken Robinson asking that same question. Jenny’s back, and we get into a very good discussion of just how important creativity is to us as adults, and what we can do to foster that sense of creativity and play that adults […]

Down the Hall – Ep 20 – Carrying the Torch

We’ve got a different show this week, as Jenny is away and we have a wonderful fill-in performance from EPLT’s own Heather McGregor! While we don’t have a discussion this week, you do get to hear Jenny as she interviews Vanessa Lapointe of The Wishing Star. Vanessa taught for EPLT at an Early Childhood Education […]

Down the Hall – Ep 19 – Out in Left Field

It’s always good to keep kids active, whether it’s through Physical Education or taking them out to experience the world outside the classroom. This week, we cover both of those avenues. First, Jenny interviews Dr. Joy Butler, who is the coordinator of the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program in the department of Curriculum and […]

Down the Hall – Ep 18 – If I Had a Hammer

This week, we talk shop. Shop class, that is, and how vocational training in Education is falling by the wayside. Many kids today don’t have any “hands-on” skills with tools and basic home maintenance, much less more sophisticated trades skills. We look at how both parents and teachers can help get children more involved in […]

Down the Hall – Ep 17 – Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

We always have fun when we’re recording the podcast, but this week was even more so. We have an interview with Dr. Elaine Decker, former director of EPLT (back before it was EPLT), where we discuss one of her favourite subjects: humour in the classroom. Humour can be a very important teaching technique, but not […]

Down the Hall – Ep 16 – Down the Rabbit Hole

In this episode, we dive down the rabbit hole of media literacy, examining how media studies can require careful examination before taking them at face value. The sexy headline of an article based on a study may not actually reflect what the study says. Awareness is the key, and we encourage you to investigate yourselves […]

Down the Hall – Episode 15 – If you want to destroy the Earth…

and we’re not talking alien invasions. We’re back! After a month-long absence (where we’re sure you’ve missed us terribly), Down the Hall is back on the air. Dave is back from vacation and out from under all the work that was waiting for him when he came back (though not as much there could have […]

MED Cohort Application Procedures

(Note: This post has been edited from the original) Yvette Kharoubeh (A senior program assistant here at EPLT) and Jenny van Enckevort (a co-host on Down the Hall, and known as Jenny Williams at the time of this recording) recorded this nifty podcast to walk you through the often-confusing procedures for applying to our cohorts. […]

When the Cat’s Away…

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Down the Hall – Episode 14 – Summer Learning Activities

Recorded early due to one of the hosts going on vacation. Hopefully no calamity that needs discussing happens between recording and posting! Last episode, we discussed Summer learning loss and ways to help reduce it. This week, we offer up some fun and low-cost Summer activities (many of them free) around the Lower Mainland, as […]

Down the Hall – Radio EPLT – Episode 13 – Summer Learning Loss

Education doesn’t stop, even for a dejected city, fresh off of a Stanley Cup Final Game 7 loss. The show must go on! This week we muddle through, discussing the Canucks’ disappointing loss and the horrible aftermath. But this isn’t a sports podcast, so we move on from there. While we don’t have an interview […]

Down the Hall – Radio EPLT – Episode 12 – Team Sports and Physical Education

The Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Since we’re in Vancouver, of course we have to talk about it a little bit. Especially with all of the gardening talk around the office. But this isn’t a sports podcast, and thus there’s much more to talk about. In honour of the Canucks, Jenny and […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 11 – Northern Voice Retrospective #nv11

We’re back on our bi-weekly schedule now, but sadly, we are interview-free this week. We cover that, though, by doing a bit longer than usual discussion about last weekend’s Northern Voice social media and blogging conference. Jenny and I talk about some of the things I learned from the conference, just how cool it was, […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 10 – Skype in the Classroom

Radio EPLT Episode 10 is now live! Yes, we have reached double digits! It’s been a month since our last episode, since there were technical difficulties with our original Episode 10 that prevented us from meeting our normal posting date around Easter time. In this episode, we tell you about a new program from Skype […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 9 – Pets! Pets! Pets!

Radio EPLT Episode 9 is now live! In this episode, we have a good overview of some of the benefits and precautions about having classroom pets. The right pet can add just the right touch to a classroom, and we’ll show you how. In addition to that, we interview Jeff Miller, who has been instrumental […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 8 – Ventures in Learning Technologies

Radio EPLT Episode 8 is now live! In this episode, we cover everything from NCAA March Madness to Social Media in the Post-Secondary world. So we’re both sporty and educational! First, we have an interview with David Vogt, instructor for ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technologies. He gives the listeners a lot of good information […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 7 – Nutrition & Education

Radio EPLT Episode 7 i s now live! In this episode, Jenny and I talk about how nutrition can affect educational outcomes for kids. Healthy eating has now been shown to be very beneficial for kids in school, leading to much better learning results over children who do not have a healthy diet. We mention […]

Podcast – Radio EPLT – Episode 6

Radio EPLT Episode 6 is now live! In this episode, we have an interview with Mary Leah de Zwart & Gale Smith regarding the HEEL Home Economics M.Ed program that we are administering. Jenny and I also discuss video games and educational outcomes, which is always a fun treat. We explore the myths and the […]

Podcast Episode 5

Radio EPLT Episode 5 is now live! In this week’s episode, we have an interview with Namsook Jahng, the instructor of a really neat course for science teachers. Jenny and I also discuss the perils and potential minefield of teachers on Facebook. What are the dos and don’ts if you’re a teacher and you want […]