Down the Hall – Episode 49 – Have a Holly, Jolly Hmm Hmm

For the last episode of 2012, we bring you an episode full of holiday cheer. There’s a lot of great stuff in this week’s episode to tide you over through the cold, dark month of December. Dave speaks to Leanna Johnson, a teacher in Missouri who is spearheading her school’s move to a paperless classroom. […]

Down the Hall – Episode 48 – Books Building Communities

The importance of literacy cannot be overstated. While we can learn in many ways, reading can play a fundamental part of that learning. This can be difficult in areas of the world where literacy rates are very low. That’s why many organizations and educational institutions are working to improve conditions in these places. In this […]

Down the Hall – Episode 47 – The Cohort Experience

We’re into November now, and it’s getting mighty cold out there! And in here, too, as your hosts Fiona & Dave have both been suffering from the dreaded virus. But as they say, the show must go on! It does make for some interesting moments, though. However, that doesn’t stop us from having a great […]

Down the Hall – Episode 46 – Techs From the Crypt

Halloween is coming up, and we have a frightfully good episode for our loyal listeners. (Yes, despite what Dave says in the episode, we do know that Halloween is on Wednesday. Fiona was right). Dave speaks to two graduates from the MET program who live in Jamaica. Denise Stoney-James and Keisha Edwards-Hamilton give their insights […]

Down the Hall – Episode 45 – Being Thankful for Newfangled Contraptions

It’s Thanksgiving, and in the spirit of giving, we’re giving you an early episode! Not a full episode, with interview and everything, but a micro-episode (did we just come up with a word?) We just wanted to thank you, our listeners, for all of your support over the last two years. Rather than miss next […]

Down the Hall – Episode 44 – The Evolution of Early Childhood

Education doesn’t just start when a child enters Kindergarten. There are a variety of educational opportunities available to parents and caregivers even before “official” schooling starts. Educators of all sorts are developing their practice and striving to ensure that children make the most of these options available. In this week’s episode, Dave speaks to Dr. […]

Down the Hall – Episode 43 – The Game’s The Thing

Big changes are in store for the entity formerly known as External Programs & Learning Technologies. We’re changing our name and adjusting our role in the Faculty of Education to meet the faculty’s strategic plan and goals. We are now Professional Development & Community Engagement (PDCE). In this week’s episode, the faculty’s new Assistant Dean, […]

Down the Hall – Episode 42 – Myths, MOOCs, and Media

“Online learning” can mean a lot of things nowadays. While before it mainly consisted of course web sites that contained the entire course, it is now expanding down many different avenues. In this week’s episode, Dave talks to Dr. Laura Gibbs, who has taught online at the University of Oklahoma for over ten years. Laura […]

Down the Hall – Episode 41 – Urban Educational Challenges

Education in urban settings has its own unique challenges. What does that mean for teachers who teach in city schools? What situations do they have to be ready for, and how do they learn how to make the school environment rich for students who may bring many personal, cultural, or other issues to the school […]

Down the Hall – Episode 40 – Growing Fields of Educators

Agriculture, and the food we eat, is a very important part of our lives. How much do we think about what we put in our bodies? Do we think about where our food comes from? The Agriculture in the Classroom foundation (AitC) has been providing educators and students with resources and programs to help them […]

Down the Hall – Episode 39 – Digital Balance

Learning a language can be a difficult thing, whether it’s children learning their native language for the first time, or somebody learning their second (or even more) language. Learning technologies can greatly aid this process and there are many new methods available to do this. In addition, university exchange programs allow students who are learning […]

Down the Hall – Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

Many of you have probably been thinking to yourself “Hey, wasn’t there supposed to be a Down the Hall episode last week?” My first response is to say thank you for being so attentive as to wonder about that. My second response is that, unfortunately, due to some technical issues, there will be no July […]

Down the Hall – Ep 38 – A Day at the Museum

Museums are fascinating places, even more so when seen through a child’s eyes. Field trips to museums always carry some special memories that take us back to our childhood. What many of us didn’t realize back then is that museums and museum education programs can play a vital role in our educational background. How do […]

Down the Hall – Ep 37 – Indigenizing Digital Culture

What effect has the increasing use of technology had on Indigenous education and the passing on of knowledge from one generation to the next? Technological advances in education can often cut both ways, especially when we move beyond pedagogical issues and think about the cultural issues that they bring up. In this week’s episode, Dave […]

Down the Hall – Ep 36 – Developing the Practice

With the increased prominence of social media and technology, professional development for teachers has become even more important in order to stay on the right side of the curve. It used to be that we improved our practice by commiserating with our immediate colleagues and maybe went to a conference or a seminar. Now it’s […]

Down the Hall – Episode 35 – Using What You Learn

Virtual learning commons are one way that we can facilitate student learning by giving them the tools that they need to succeed in their studies. Many of them are set up by teachers for students in their classrooms, but why can’t an institute set one up to help all of its students? That’s a question […]

Down the Hall – Episode 34 – Digital Youth

Voting for our new theme song Fiona’s pick: Chased by a Cow Jenny’s pick: Digital Stop Dave’s pick: Microinfinity Voting is now closed. See Episode 35 for results. We live in a culture saturated by media and technology. Living in that culture, it becomes imperative to learn to how to critically examine various media and […]

Down the Hall – Episode 33 – The Future of E-Learning

E-Learning is more than just online learning at a distance. It can also involve the varied uses of educational technologies to enhance face-to-face courses as well. UBC’s Faculty of Education is making great strides toward enhancing all aspects of e-learning. In this week’s episode, Jenny talks to Norman Daoust, Director, Academic & Information Technologies here […]

More Ways to Find Our Podcast – Down the Hall

Many of you have been listening to Down the Hall on iTunes or via the web player on each blog post. Or perhaps you subscribe to us through your blog reader that also can play podcasts. Now we have two more convenient ways you can listen to us, and take us with you wherever you […]

Down the Hall – Episode 32 – Rural Justice

There are unique challenges involved in educating students in rural areas. This is something that the Faculty of Education at UBC is working hard to address, to help teachers in rural communities enhance their curriculum choices by using local resources and landscapes to broaden their students’ experiences. This week, Jenny talks to Dr. Linda Farr […]

Down the Hall – Episode 31 – The Visual Culture

This week we are in an art frame of mind, as well as taking a trip to the museum. Ok, we don’t take an actual trip (though perhaps we could do a remote podcast from one soon?), but we do discuss the importance of art and museums  and how they can play a vital role […]

Down the Hall – Episode 30 – The Purpose of History

This week, we hope to broaden minds with discussions of both history and intellectual property as it pertains to educational technology and learning. We open the episode, however, by discussing our top three Physical Education experiences from our childhood, which may come as a surprise to our PE teachers. We all have experiences that shape […]

Down the Hall – Episode 29 – Watch and Learn

This week’s episode has a little something for everyone.  Are you interested in Indigenous cultures and education? How about drama? Cool movies? We’ve got them all. We open the episode with five of our favourite educational films, giving you an overview of them and just why we love them so much. We can guarantee that […]

Down the Hall – Ep 28 – The Little Conference That Could

This week’s episode is a reflective one, where we talk about the importance of teacher inquiry and the examination of teaching practices. In fact, it’s not a bad thing in any profession to reflect on the way you do things, see how others do them, and seek to improve your own practices. Dave talks to […]

Down the Hall – Ep 27 – Online Learning in a Global Society

This week’s episode is an online learning extravaganza! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program, so we have to mark the special occasion. Jenny’s back, Dave gives some 10-year statistics for the MET program (did you know that basically everybody on the planet has at least asked about […]