Ep 64 – Target Practice

If you are interested in taking a professional development program, how do you hear about it? How did that program get its information out to you, the student? This week, Fiona’s away. Instead, PDCE Marketing Manager Heather McGregor joins Dave as they talk about the challenges of marketing educational programs, getting the word out so […]

MED Cohort Application Procedures

(Note: This post has been edited from the original) Yvette Kharoubeh (A senior program assistant here at EPLT) and Jenny van Enckevort (a co-host on Down the Hall, and known as Jenny Williams at the time of this recording) recorded this nifty podcast to walk you through the often-confusing procedures for applying to our cohorts. […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 11 – Northern Voice Retrospective #nv11

We’re back on our bi-weekly schedule now, but sadly, we are interview-free this week. We cover that, though, by doing a bit longer than usual discussion about last weekend’s Northern Voice social media and blogging conference. Jenny and I talk about some of the things I learned from the conference, just how cool it was, […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 10 – Skype in the Classroom

Radio EPLT Episode 10 is now live! Yes, we have reached double digits! It’s been a month since our last episode, since there were technical difficulties with our original Episode 10 that prevented us from meeting our normal posting date around Easter time. In this episode, we tell you about a new program from Skype […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 9 – Pets! Pets! Pets!

Radio EPLT Episode 9 is now live! In this episode, we have a good overview of some of the benefits and precautions about having classroom pets. The right pet can add just the right touch to a classroom, and we’ll show you how. In addition to that, we interview Jeff Miller, who has been instrumental […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 8 – Ventures in Learning Technologies

Radio EPLT Episode 8 is now live! In this episode, we cover everything from NCAA March Madness to Social Media in the Post-Secondary world. So we’re both sporty and educational! First, we have an interview with David Vogt, instructor for ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technologies. He gives the listeners a lot of good information […]

Radio EPLT – Episode 7 – Nutrition & Education

Radio EPLT Episode 7 i s now live! In this episode, Jenny and I talk about how nutrition can affect educational outcomes for kids. Healthy eating has now been shown to be very beneficial for kids in school, leading to much better learning results over children who do not have a healthy diet. We mention […]

Podcast – Radio EPLT – Episode 6

Radio EPLT Episode 6 is now live! In this episode, we have an interview with Mary Leah de Zwart & Gale Smith regarding the HEEL Home Economics M.Ed program that we are administering. Jenny and I also discuss video games and educational outcomes, which is always a fun treat. We explore the myths and the […]

Podcast Episode 5

Radio EPLT Episode 5 is now live! In this week’s episode, we have an interview with Namsook Jahng, the instructor of a really neat course for science teachers. Jenny and I also discuss the perils and potential minefield of teachers on Facebook. What are the dos and don’ts if you’re a teacher and you want […]

Podcast Episode 4 – The Zombie Apocalypse

Radio EPLT Episode 4 is now live! In this edition, fatigue has set in, but both co-host Jenny Williams and I soldier onward. Jenny is fatigued from trying to walk to Haiti in this year’s Faculty of Education Walkabout, and I am from a long day culminating in a great information session for the MVR4 […]

Podcast Episode 3 – Revenge of the SPA

Radio EPLT – Episode 3 is now live! In this edition, both co-host Jenny Williams and I demonstrate just how nerdy we can be, with more sci-fi references than should ever be allowed at one time in a non-SF podcast. There’s also some informative stuff too, though. First, happy new year, everybody! (Probably should have […]

Radio EPLT is now on iTunes!

Yes, that’s right. We have arrived. No, it’s not *that* important, but you can now find (and subscribe) to Radio EPLT (our bi-weekly podcast) on iTunes. So now you can just log into itunes, do a search for “EPLT” and we are the one that comes up “EPLT – UBC Faculty of Education”.  Or you […]

Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 of Radio EPLT is now live! In this edition, we say goodbye to co-host Sharon Hu on the front end of the podcast (she will remain the producer behind the scenes) and welcome new EPLT employee Jenny Williams to the show! The three of us give you a brief update on what’s been […]

Podcast Episode 1

EPLT is proud to announce that our first official episode of the EPLT podcast is now available and ready for download. Episode 1 is chock full of goodness. Many thanks once again to my illustrious cohost Sharon Hu, who also produced and edited this podcast. It was much longer than we had originally planned, but […]

Podcast 0.5 (beta) is up!

EPLT is proud to announce that our very first podcast has finally been produced, and is ready for download.  It will also be posted on the EPLT web site soon. Many thanks to Sharon Hu, my illustrious co-host as well as the producer of the show.  She spent a lot of time and effort getting […]