EP 73 – Comedy & Creativity

The first in a series of “best of” Down the Hall episodes, this week we bring laughter and play into your life. We revisit the concept of comedy and creativity in the classroom with some excellent excerpts from previous episodes. We all love to laugh (as regular listeners of Down the Hall already know), and […]

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Ep 72 – Holiday Stories & Picture Books

The holiday season is a joyous time of year, filled with laughter and love and also great stories! In this week’s episode, Fiona talks to Kathryn Shoemaker, noted children’s book illustrator and author, about the evolution of picture books in Education, trends in the industry, and her love of teaching. Of course, there are certainly […]

Ep 71 – Whole Child Education

Mental health is a very important, yet sometimes neglected part of education. While students’ physical needs are taken care of, what can be done to help with their mental ones? In this episode, Fiona talks to Steve Cairns. Steve talks about his work with the Village of Attachment and other organizations that help students, promoting […]

Ep 70 – Teaching Creatively, Teaching Creativity

Back on Episode 24, Happy Anniversary, Dave asked Carl Leggo about the importance of creativity in Education. This time around, Carl elaborates on his commitment to creativity and shares his thoughts about teaching creatively and teaching creativity. Carl recommends a selection of books to inspire creative approaches in the classroom for varying curricular disciplines, including […]

Ep 69 – STEM & Spooks

It’s Halloween! This week, your hosts examine what is sometimes a creepy subject, especially when it involves possible zombies. They explore the science of ethnobotany and how it’s been portrayed in popular culture. Complete with Sean Connery impersonation! The interview this week is with Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin, who talks about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & […]

Ep 68 – Enhancing Education Around the World

In the western world, we sometimes take education for granted. That isn’t the case in less-developed areas of the world. How can education in these areas be improved and teachers trained so that kids growing up without easy access to education can still succeed? In this week’s episode, Dave talks to Noble Kelly about just […]

Ep 67 – Taking Charge of Your Education

Teachers are often seen as the drivers in the classroom. The teachers teach, the students learn. But not every student is identical or learns in the same way, or even at the same pace. On this week’s episode, Dave talks to Dr. Deborah Butler about her work in Self-Regulated Learning (SRL). What role does the […]

Ep 66 – Perspectives on Helping and Healing

This week has had a somber tone for us here at Down the Hall.  Along with other PDCE and ETS colleagues we have been openly talking about the Indian Residential Schools (IRS) and sharing readings, thoughts and feelings surrounding these themes. As UBC suspended classes on the 18th to allow faculty and students to attend […]

Ep 65 – Inquire. Imagine. Inspire.

All over the UBC Vancouver campus, festivities ignite to kickoff the new academic year, and within the Faculty of Education, we have an additional reason to celebrate: the Year of Teacher Education. To highlight the good work of educators, Dave interviews Dr. Wendy Carr, the new director of the Teacher Education Office (TEO), to find […]

Ep 64 – Target Practice

If you are interested in taking a professional development program, how do you hear about it? How did that program get its information out to you, the student? This week, Fiona’s away. Instead, PDCE Marketing Manager Heather McGregor joins Dave as they talk about the challenges of marketing educational programs, getting the word out so […]

Ep 63 – My Kingdom for a Smartphone

This week, Down the Hall is visited by royalty. Ok, not actual royals, but your hosts do talk about the new addition to the British royal family, Prince George of Cambridge (the name was not known at the time of recording). As well, there are the plans for Leicester Cathedral to be the new resting […]

Ep 62 – The Spectrum of Special Education

This week on Down the Hall, Dave goes on vacation, and Fiona and Alpha kick off the episode with with a lively discussion about a study featured in the Globe and Mail about how random acts of kindness have affected a group of Canadian children. Dave “returns” in an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Jordan to […]

Ep 61 – Educating the Heart and Mind

This week, we have a two-pronged episode for you, something for everyone. Dave interviews Dr. Harry Hubball about the SOTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) certificate program here at UBC. Faculty members and educational leaders from around the world take this program to improve their pedagogy and leadership abilities, bringing this expertise back to their […]

Episode 60 – The Future of Learning

In some areas of Africa, there is a shortage of teachers and good quality education. Thankfully, there are many initiatives to help address this shortfall. On this week’s episode, Fiona talks to Dr. Samson Nashon about the Faculty of Education’s work in a joint educational program at Dadaab. They highlight the diploma in Teacher Education […]

Down the Hall – Episode 59 – Seeing Things in a Different Light

Many of us live in a visually-driven world.  We gain so much information through sight that we take it for granted.  We see a document, a television program, a work of art, the sun casting a shadow on the pavement.  Have you ever stopped to think what it might be like if you could not […]

Down the Hall – Episode 58 – Expedition to India

With the end of the term and many people finishing up all of their courses, MOOCs, or other educational opportunities, we thought we’d give you a light-hearted episode this time around. Dave spoke to Marie-France Hetu, a Master of Educational Technology student who is graduating from the program in three weeks. They spoke about her […]

Down the Hall – Episode 57 – West Coast Hukilau

This week’s episode has a cornucopia of indigenous content, with two great interviews as well as a look at what has been going on in the Faculty of Education’s “Year of Indigenous Education.” First, Fiona talks to Dr. Candace Galla about language revitalization, the different means of storytelling, her recent research grant, and her preparation […]

Down the Hall – Episode 56 – If Spring Was Made of Chocolate

It’s Easter weekend, and we’re giving you an early Easter treat since we won’t be able to post next week. Do you have any Easter traditions? Your hosts share their traditions, past and present, as well as their chocolate addiction. Fiona talks about scary movies (alternative title to this episode: Ea Ooa, and you’ll have to […]

Down the Hall – Episode 55 – A Pizza the Size of the Sun

If you’re not hungry before listening to this episode, then you will be afterward! This week’s episode is devoted totally to food. Fiona interviews Barb Finley, the creator of Project CHEF (which stands for Cook Healthy Edible Food), which is a program designed to teach students in the K-7th grade range about healthy food: where […]

Down the Hall – Episode 54 – Blinded Me With Science

One area of study that some prospective teachers ignore in their studies is science. Some fear it, and some just aren’t interested in it. Is that still the case? Has the teaching of science improved in recent years? This week’s episode brings you an interview with Dr. Sandra Scott, Faculty Advisor in the Teacher Education […]

Down the Hall – Episode 53 – IP Telling You

Two of the major aspects of Education that are becoming more prominent in recent times are internationalization and technology. It’s also usually quite sunny in Vancouver in July. So why not have a conference in Vancouver in July? This week’s episode is almost entirely devoted to the upcoming IPTEL conference (International Perspectives on Technology-Enhanced Learning) […]

Down the Hall – Episode 52 – School is the Springboard for Transformation – Part 2

This week we take a bit of a spiritual turn in part two of our interview with Dr. Michael Marker. We continue our discussion of ETEC 521 (Indigeneity, Technology, and Education) and talk about the difficulties in bringing good education to remote indigenous communities. We also address life and death in these communities and the […]

Down the Hall – Episode 51 – School is the Springboard for Transformation – Part 1

It’s the Year of Indigenous Education here at UBC, and we thought we’d add to the celebration by having an in-depth interview with Dr. Michael Marker, in a return engagement (he was interviewed in Episode 37). There was just so much stuff to talk about that we’ve had to split the interview into two parts! […]

Down the Hall – Episode 50 – The Big 5-Oh

Welcome to 2013! It’s a time of renewal, but also for reflection, and this episode is chock full of reflection. It’s our fiftieth episode (no gifts, please send cash) and we’re celebrating that fact by looking to the past before we go into the future. Fiona interviews Dr. Marv Westwood, head of the Veterans Transition Program, […]