MEd in Special Education (FSE1)

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This program has been cancelled.

Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities in French and French Immersion Programs

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This cohort program serves a strong community interest for preparation to serve the learning needs among students studying in francophone or French Immersion programs. The focus is learning support and/or special educational services. Courses are delivered face-to-face in Burnaby School District, with some online course delivery.

Students of this program benefit from a diversified learning experience touching on issues in special education, learning disabilities, and, aspects of academic achievement, assessment, and intervention. The entire program targets the francophone and French Immersion student population. Classes are taught in French, in English and sometimes bilingually. This flexible format mimics some of the realities experienced in schools. This program offers a range of courses, from the ones addressing general contents in Special Education to those looking specifically at special topics in learning disabilities and second language acquisition.

Courses are taught by a wide variety of instructors from various departments and universities. They bring a breadth of experience that forms a key component of the program, as they will expose the students to a range of theories and practical situations, including and extending beyond the BC school experience.

Information Sessions

Thursday, October 8

Winslow Centre (Fir Room)
1100 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam

Thursday, October 1

Vancouver School Board (room TBA)
1580 W Broadway, Vancouver

Wednesday, September 30

Online Session

If you missed the online info session on Wednesday, September 30th, you can view the recorded session here:


This 30-credit program offers courses on curriculum-based assessment and intervention, on specific learning disabilities and their assessment as well as on programming for children with learning disabilities. A segment on theories of second language acquisition and assessment may be included. A field experience and a graduating seminar complete the program.

Sample Schedule

Year 1
Winter 2  Critical Issues in Special Education EPSE 512**
Summer 1  Theories of Second Language Acquisition LLED 573*
Summer 2  Seminar in Learning Disabilities EPSE 565H**
Year 2
Winter 1  Curriculum-Based Assessment and Intervention EPSE 531*
Winter 2 Assessment of Learning Difficulties EPSE 421***
Summer 1  Second Language Assessment LLED 526
Summer 2  Programming for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities EPSE 431**
Year 3
Winter 1 Seminar in Specific Learning Disabilities EPSE 526***
Winter 2 Field Experience EPSE 598
Summer 1 Graduating Seminar EPSE 590***

*Online | **Face-to-Face | ***Blended

  • French-language competence, since the program will be taught partly in French (although papers may be written in English). No test.
  • A minimum of two years’ full-time teaching experience or the equivalent in contract work within schools, communities, non-governmental organizations, or any other special education oriented environment.
  • A three- or four-year baccalaureate degree with a minimum grade point average of 76% based on third- and fourth-year courses.
  • Three letters of recommendation from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with education and your leadership qualities.
  • A résumé.


Full standing is granted to those applicants who have completed the courses listed below and have attained teacher certification. Please note: EPSE 483 (Reading and Interpreting Research in Education) – or a course that has been deemed to be a replacement for EPSE 483 – may be substituted for both 481 and 482. The requirement of teacher certification may be waived where the applicant has met the University and program requirements for admission, and has adequate professional experience related to the field of Special Education.

  • EPSE 312 | Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children (or EPSE 317), or
  • EPSE 317 | Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom (or EPSE 312),
  • EPSE 483 | Reading and Interpreting Research in Education (or course that has been deemed to be a replacement for EPSE 483), may be substituted for both 481 and 482, or EPSE 481 Introduction to Research in Education (or course that has been deemed to be a replacement for EPSE 481) and
  • EPSE 482 | Introduction to Statistics for Research in Education (or course that has been deemed to be a replacement for EPSE 482)

Application Status: Closed.

Program tuition will be divided into eight (8) installments of $1,748.49 plus applicable student fees, payable in September, January, and May of the three program years. The program total is $13,988 plus applicable student fees.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change. Historically, this change has been a 2% increase per year (beginning in May). The figures quoted above are current for the 2015-2016 academic year.