MEd in Physical Education for the 21st Century


Reconceptualizing Physical Education through Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU)
In-Person | Lower Mainland

Begins July 2015 |

Welcome to physical education in the 21st century. The 1990’s music mix may be the same, but this gym class is moving to a new beat.

“Nineteen phys ed teachers and teacher candidates join hands, jumping up and down as they propel themselves through circular locomotion. Amidst plenty of laughter, they’re decoding the fundamental movement skill of jumping—and reconstructing it in a games context.”

Keep reading, to learn about the experience of reconceptualizing physical education at UBC:

The Program

For physical educators who are ready to move up a gear, this progam helps refine and expanding ideas of knowing, learning, and teaching in physical education. Teachers will start to explore constructivist, student-centered and holistic approaches as possibilities for their own practice, including a research emphasis on the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) method.

Participants will conduct self-assessments on their continuums of belief, from inclusion to elitism, transaction to transmission, integration to dualism, tactical understanding to skill acquisition, discovery to representation, concepts to techniques, and finally, between demonstration and creation of understanding rather than mastery.

Application Deadline
January 25
Please visit the program website for more information, or contact Yvette (

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