MEd in Curriculum Studies (NEO3)

EDCP This program is offered by the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy.
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Northeast Normal University (China) & University of British Columbia (Canada) Collaborative Partnership

This Northeast Normal University (NENU) and University of British Columbia (UBC) partnership has been developed between with the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP) at UBC and the School of Education Science at NENU, in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Teacher Education, UBC.

The partnership is designed to provide students with the opportunity to graduate with a UBC Masters of Education (MEd) degree.

By integrating research and practice, the partnership between UBC and NENU aims to:

  • further the preparation of educators for specialized areas in curriculum and pedagogy,
  • facilitate the professional development of educators involved in the conceptualization, design and implementation of curriculum appropriate to cultural contexts,
  • bring a diversity of cultural backgrounds and perspectives to bear on issues of curriculum studies, and
  • provide opportunities for international interaction between students from both institutions.
A Unique Program for International Students

The UBC component of the NENU/UBC MEd in Curriculum Studies program is carefully designed to provide for the needs of international students. For example, we have divided the first term into two six-week blocks with one course being taught in each block.

This allows NENU students to concentrate on a single course when they first arrive in North America. These courses are designated as cohort-only to allow the NENU students to become familiar with North American graduate school expectations in an environment that is supportive of their needs and orientate them to these expectations. This approach allows the students to have a more gradual and supported entry into an English-only language setting.

In addition to these modifications, the first term includes the introductory phase of a course that familiarizes NENU students with the elementary and secondary school systems in North America. This is done through a series of school visits. These visits are important as the students quickly find themselves in conversations in their coursework that assumes a working knowledge of these systems. These modifications are developed to ensure a rich and supported graduate school experience for our NENU students.

Proposed Courses

Students will have the opportunity to study a range of approved UBC courses at NENU prior to applying for admission to the UBC MEd program. Successful applicants will then be able to transfer up to four of those courses into their UBC MEd program.

The UBC MEd program is a 30-credit program (i.e., students will be required to complete ten 3-credit courses for the degree). The final 3-credits of the program may be a capstone project, which will be developed from original research conducted by students while in Canada.

Courses Currently Offered at NENU applicable toward the UBC MEd Degree

  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Chinese Philosophies of Education
  • Curriculum Development and Reform in China
  • Review of Research in Curriculum Studies (Chinese Context)

These four NENU courses have been approved by UBC’s Faculty of Graduate Studies for transfer into the UBC MEd in Curriculum Studies. Each course is worth 3-credits, that is, each is equivalent to a typical UBC graduate course.

Suggested Courses at UBC for the UBC MEd Degree

  • Research Methods
  • Curriculum Issues and Theory
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Two courses in specialization (mathematics, curriculum, complexity science)
  • EDCP 590 (Graduating Project)

Students must take 6 courses (18 credits) at UBC including EDUC 500 (Research Methodology) which is available in both Term 1 (September through December) and Term 2 (January through April). UBC classes in this program will begin the week of September 1, 2014 and finish the week of August 3, 2015.

The basic admission requirement to the Master’s program is an approved bachelor’s degree. In addition, successful applicants typically have high grades; a coherent, well-written statement of intent; and strong references.

It is expected that all applicants will have teaching experience. Normally this would involve a dedicated practicum (as part of their university coursework) where students are supervised and a report is written indicating their success on practicum. And, where possible, also an additional period of teaching beyond their practicum would advisable. As part of the application package for entry to the UBC portion of the program, candidates are required to submit a video-recorded excerpt of their teaching and a critical analysis of that excerpt.

All students must meet UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements which include:

  • An approved Bachelor’s degree and, for K-12 teachers, one year of teacher education, OR
  • A 5-year Bachelor’s degree in Education; OR
  • A 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Education or other appropriate area provided the applicant has completed all the necessary prerequisites listed below.
  • Eligibility for the Master’s degree at UBC requires a four-year Bachelor’s degree with an overall B+ average (usually corresponds to an 85% on most PRC university grading systems). If applicant is from a 211 UNIVERSITY, the minimum grade requirement is B (=80% on PRC grading scale) or higher.

TOEFL Scores

Applicants are required to submit a satisfactory official score report from one of the following organizations, obtained no more than two years prior to the application date:

  • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language, minimum score 580 (paper-based) or 237 (computer based), or new minimum TOEFL score of 92 (with a minimum of 22 for each component).
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System. Minimum overall band score 6.5, with no component less than 6.

The official score reports must be sent directly by the testing organization to this department: Institution Code 0965, Department Code 85.

Application Process

The online application for this program is closed.

Carefully read the following instructions before beginning your application. Please print this page and refer to it while completing your online application.

1. Online Application
  • Navigate to
  • When you are ready to apply, click “Apply Online”.
  • Read the instructions, and click “Create Your Account”.
    (Note: If you have already begun your application, simply log in).
  • Once you have created your account, choose “New Application”.
  • Click “Start a Completely New Application”.
  • Under “Degree” choose “Master of Education” from the drop-down menu.
  • Under “Program” you choose “PDCE MEd in Curriculum Studies – NEO3

Important: You must select the precise program name listed above.

If you select the wrong program name, you will need to re-apply and pay an additional application fee. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will not refund your application fee, or transfer or cancel your application.

  • Proceed with your application as instructed.
  • References: You are strongly encouraged to submit electronic letters of reference. Simply fill in the email addresses of your three referees when completing the online application.

Once you submit and pay for your online application, your referees will automatically receive an email with a link and instructions for completing the electronic reference form.

Despite the apparent size of the text box, referees may type as much as they want.

  • If you know that a referee is unable to submit an online reference, please leave the email address blank on the application.

See “Supporting Documents” below for information on submitting letters of reference by mail.

  • When finished entering your information, you must click “Submit” in order to save your application.
  • You will automatically receive an email acknowledgement, with instructions on documentation and deadlines.
2. Supporting Documents

In addition to your online application, please forward:

  • Two official (sealed) transcripts from all post-secondary institutions

Your application requires two (2) sealed transcripts from every post-secondary institution you attended (except UBC), even institutions where you did not complete a program.

If you are a UBC alumnus, please provide your student number so we may access your transcript.

  • An up-to-date resumé.
  • In cases where referees are unable to submit an electronic reference, sealed and endorsed reference letters may be sent by mail. The form is available here.

A letter can take the place of the reference form as long as it addresses the questions posed in the reference form.

The reference form is designed to be completed by professors; if your referee is not a professor, please ask him or her to write about your ability to successfully complete a graduate degree in this particular focus.

Important: Letters of reference will only be considered valid if the referee’s signature appears across the sealed flap of the envelope.


  • If you have unofficial copies of your transcripts, we can adjudicate your eligibility before your official transcripts arrive; you may send these by mail, fax (604.822.2015) or email.

Please note that this adjudication is not official until we have received your sealed transcripts, and your eligibility for the program is based on your application as a whole.

  • Send everything to the attention of:

Yvette Kharoubeh
Professional Development & Community Engagement
UBC Faculty of Education
1304-2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

The most common delay in admissions is caused by the search for documents that are at other locations on this huge campus.

Please contact Yvette Kharoubeh (604.827.5662) if you require any assistance with the application process.

The proposed tuition fee students enrolled in the Master of Museum Education program will be paid over seven (7) installments, payable in September, January and May of each year.

Domestic Students: $2,114.06 CAD per installment

International Students: $2,649.79 CAD per installment

Complete tuition details are published in the UBC Calendar (under “Master of Arts and Master of Education (full-time) in the Faculty of Education except Kinesiology”). Please note that tuition fees are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change.

Visa – Study Permit You must apply for a Study Permit from the Canadian Embassy. The process can take from 3-6 months so please apply as early as possible. Visit the Government of Canada website for information and an application kit.


Below are some useful links to assist you in making your accommodation arrangements. We recommend reviewing the options provided below. If you wish to live on-campus you need to apply early as there are limited residence spaces available.
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