MEd in Special Education (SPAV)

Autism/Developmental Disabilities

The Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology and Special Education at UBC is offering an M.Ed. in Special Education focusing on Autism/Developmental Disabilities on Vancouver Island, beginning September 2010.

This Master’s program will focus on both research and practice. Topics addressed will include:

  • the principles of applied behavior analysis,
  • functional behavior assessment,
  • positive behavior support,
  • instructional techniques,
  • research design for small samples and single subjects,
  • strategies for supporting individuals with autism, and
  • an in-depth study of current autism research.

Who is this Program for?

Applications are being accepted from teachers in Victoria and all surrounding school districts. Applications are also being accepted from autism service providers working with children under the age of 6 who wish to meet the qualifications for the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP); see Completion of this M.Ed., program will also meet the coursework requirements for certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA; see


Graduate education at UBC is distinguished by its strong appreciation for diversity, including the populations served, the students recruited and admitted, the issues and elements of research examined, and the skills and experiences provided for working with a broad range of individuals and families across settings.


May ’10 Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom EPSE 317 (online)
July ’10 Reading and Interpreting Research in Education EPSE 483 (online)
Sept ’10 Educating Students with Autism EPSE 449
Jan ’11 Individual and Family Counselling Theories and Interventions (Theory) EPSE 549
Jul ’11 Social-Emotional Development EPSE  585
Sept ’11 * Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support in School and Community Settings EPSE 532
Jan ’12 * Seminar in Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support EPSE 514
May ’12 Directed Studies (for students not pursuing the BCBA credential) EPSE 580
July ’12 Social and Emotional Development in Education EPSE 585
Sept ’12 Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Individuals with Severe Speech and/or Physical Impairments (for students not pursuing the BCBA credential) EPSE 411
Sept ’12 Design and Analysis of Research with Small Samples and Single Subjects (for students pursuing the BCBA credential) EPSE 593
Jan ’13 Critical Issues in Special Education EPSE 512 (online)
May ’13 Principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (for students pursuing the BCBA credential) EPSE 504
 July ’13  Graduating Seminar/Paper  EPSE 590

ll students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • A completed four-year undergraduate degree (B.A., B.Ed., and/or B.Sc.) from an accredited University, with a major in education, psychology, speech-language pathology, child and family studies, or a related field.
  • A minimum grade point average of 76% based on undergraduate upper-level (3rd and 4th year) coursework.
  • Three academic letters of reference that speak to your ability to complete graduate coursework. Letters from friends, colleagues, or families of children with who you have worked are not appropriate. Letters from employers are acceptable only if they can comment on your academic ability.
  • At least 1-2 years of successful work experience with children and/or youth with autism or other developmental disabilities in school or community settings .
  • In addition to the usual UBC application, please include a current resume and a statement of intent indicating your background and the goals you hope to meet by completing this program.


  • UBC’s EPSE 312 (Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children), EPSE 317 (Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom) OR an equivalent course about children/students with special needs.
  • UBC’s EPSE 483 (Reading and Interpreting Research in Education) OR an equivalent course on research methods and/or statistics.

If you have not completed the pre-requisites prior to the application deadline you may still apply and complete them during Summer 2010. You must register in:

  • EPSE 312 – May 2010
  • EPSE 483 – July 2010

Program fees will be paid over a minimum of nine (9) installments, payable in September, January and May of each year. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

To find out what it costs to take one of our graduate programs, please refer to the list of programs accepting applications.