MEd in Literacy Education (LL11)

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Language & Literacy Education

Applications are now closed for this program.

The M.Ed. in Literacy Education (Surrey cohort) focuses on supporting language and literacy development of young children from diverse backgrounds. Over the last decade or so, we have developed better understandings of how to work with young children and their families who live in diverse communities. Recognizing that language and literacy development are crucial for success in school, in this cohort we will focus on how to support young children from diverse social, cultural, and language backgrounds and children who struggle with literacy and language. Mentoring will also be a focus of this cohort, as School District No. 36 (Surrey) is committed to developing leadership expertise at the school, community, and district levels.

The UBC M.Ed. in Literacy Education consists of 30 credits of course work. The program schedule will be drawn from a menu of courses, see schedule below.


Sept 2011 LLED 556A Theory and Research in Early Literacy
Jan 2012 EDUC 500 Research Methods
May 2012 LLED 565A Special Course in Subjec Matter:  Educating Immigrant Children
July 2012 *Elective(s) On-campus, or through Western Deans’ Agreement, selected in consultation with Cohort Advisor
Sept 2012 LLED 565b Teaching English as a Second Language
Jan 2013 LLED 557 Family Literacy
May 2013 LLED 565D Special Couse in Subject Matter: Supporting Learners with Literacy Difficulties
July 2013 *Elective(s) On-campus, or through Western Deans’ Agreement, selected in consultation with Cohort Advisor
Sept 2013 LLED 590 Graduating Paper

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • A completed four-year undergraduate degree and a minimum overall average of B+ (76% at UBC) in third- and fourth-year courses, OR at least 12 third- and fourth-year credits with an A average (80% or higher at UBC) in the field of study.
  • At least two years of experience in teaching or a related field.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with education, one of which should be an academic assessment by a university instructor.
  • A resumé.
  • A 600-word statement of intent about your perspectives of teaching, indicating how you think this program (along with your current education and experience) can help you enhance your understanding of your teaching practice.

Program tuition will be divided into eight (8) installments, payable in September, January, and May each year. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

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