MEd in Educational Administration and Leadership (NSE4)

North Vancouver Cohort Program

Do you want to:

  • Prepare for a leadership role in your school or district?
  • Contribute to capacity building in your school district?
  • Engage in understanding, critiquing, and improving educational policy and practice?
  • Broaden your perceptions on school life and develop your thinking skills – within a background of Canadian content?
  • Build relationships and interact with colleagues as part of a community of learners?
  • Reflect on the aims of education in a democratic and pluralist society?
  • Participate in seminars and in graduate student socials and cultural events offered by UBC’s Department of Educational Studies?

Educational Administration and Leadership

The thoughtful practice of educational leadership in a context of school district change involves engaging with multiple constituencies – school and community- based. Constituencies hold conflicting social, political, and cultural claims regarding the aims of education in a democratic and pluralist society.

Educational leadership is a situated ethical practice that extends the boundaries of schooling into the community by engaging with the social justice issues at stake.


The cohort approach, centred in North Vancouver but designed to serve all students within commuting distance, offers strong benefits to participants: 

  • Collaboration. The UBC M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership offers a responsive and engaging graduate program in association with the North Vancouver School District.
  • Speed. The program enables you to complete your Master’s degree part-time in two years.
  • Convenience. Fall, winter, and spring courses will be offered on Saturdays in North Vancouver.
  • Campus Experience. All summer courses will be offered at the UBC Point Grey campus.
  • Interaction. Join with colleagues from local and surrounding school districts to promote collegiality, mutual support, and learning.
  • Participation. Use UBC facilities and services (email, physical and online library, A/V centre and online resources, WebCT communications).


The UBC M.Ed. in Educational and Administration Leadership consists of 30 credits of course work which are typically completed in two years. The proposed schedule is as follows.

May 2011 Educational Leadership (EDST 532)*
July 2011 Elective**
Aug 2011 Elective**
Sept 2011 Organizations in Educational Contexts (EDST 582)*
Jan 2012 Aims of Education (EDST 581)*
May 2012 School Community Relations (EDST 579)*
July 2012 Elective**
Aug 2012 Elective**
Sept 2012 Research Methods (EDST 501 or another Research Methods course)*
Jan 2013 Group Inquiry (EDST 553)*

* These courses will be offered over five Saturdays in the North Vancouver School District. Dates to be negotiated with participants.

** These courses will run daily over a three-week period at UBC.

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • A minimum of three years’ full-time teaching experience or an equivalent combination of engagement within schools, communities, non-governmental organizations, and other education-oriented environments.
  • A completed four-year undergraduate degree and at least a 76% average on all senior-level credits.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with education and leadership.
  • Resumé and a 600-word personal statement about your perspectives of leadership, indicating how you think this program (along with your current education and experience) can help you enhance your understanding of effective educational leadership.


Program fees will be divided into six (6) installments, payable in May, September, and January of each program year. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

To find out what it costs to take one of our graduate programs, please refer to the list of programs accepting applications.