MEd in Early Childhood Education (EC01 & ECO2)


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Online Program | September 2012


The online M.Ed. program will include opportunities for participants to inquire into their professional practice with young children. This engaging graduate program offers opportunities to explore issues in early childhood research, theory, and practice.

The early childhood graduate program is an interdisciplinary cross-departmental program that consists of core courses in early childhood education (ECED) and related courses in other departments.  This M.Ed. program requires a minimum of 30 credits, including the eight online graduate courses (24 credits – 4 core courses, and 4 electives), posted in the schedule.

To complete their programs, students choose a minimum of 6 credits of electives, which may include a maximum of 6 credits of undergraduate courses, many of which are offered online, or attend on-campus, for example the ECED 565 Summer Institutes.


While you can complete this program entirely online you may take electives, such as the summer institutes, on-campus.

EDUC 500 Research Methodology in Education Mari Pighini
ECED 508 Review of Research in Early Childhood Education Marianne McTavish
ECED 585A Advanced Seminar on Research in Early Childhood Education:  Historical & Contemporary Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Jodi Streelasky
ECED 590 Graduating Project TBA
ECED 565A Issues in Early Childhood Education:  Early Childhood Development & Intervention Lara El-Khatib
ECED 565B Issues in Early Childhood Education: Supporting Young Children’s Social Emotional Learning Angela Jaramillo
ECED 585B Advanced Seminar on Research in Early Childhood Education:  Leadership & Policy in Early Childhood Education Iris Berger & Christina Delgado
LLED 556 Theory and Research in Early Literacy Marilyn Chapman

In addition to 8 core courses delivered online, there will be 2 electives to choose from.

  • You may choose to take the electives during or following the 8 terms, with no change in fees.
  • Applicants who wish to do so may apply to transfer in up to 6 credits of senior undergraduate credits (2 courses), but there will be no change in fees.
  • More information on the ECED MEd. Program.

ELECTIVES: students may select from the following:

  • IECER Summer Institute (ECED 565), which is a one-week, intensive course held on-campus (assignments are due at the end of July).  The institute subject is new each summer.
  • On-campus courses (list of ECED courses and recommended electives)
  • On-line courses (list of ECED online courses)
  • A maximum of 6 credits of undergraduate course work (2 courses)

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • An approved Bachelor of Education degree, OR
  • An approved four-year undergraduate degree in a *related field, plus 2 years’ experience working with young children in an appropriate setting.
  • An overall average of 76% (B+) or better in all third- and fourth-year courses or at least 12 credits at 80% (A-) or higher on senior-level credits in the intended graduate program’s field of study.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with early childhood education or related field, one of which must be an academic assessment by a university instructor.

*Related Fields include, but are not limited to: Child and Youth Care, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work and Family Studies.

Applicants whose degree is in an unrelated field (e.g., Arts, Commerce, General Studies) may be accepted if they have completed a college or university certificate program in early childhood education.


The minimum degree requirement for admission is a 4-year bachelor degree. This is a Faculty of Graduate Studies requirement that cannot be waived, regardless of professional experience.

Eligibility for candidates with a 3-year baccalaureate will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the academic department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please contact Fiona Czeschel to discuss your individual case, and for an unofficial preliminary assessment of your credentials.

International Applicants

  • Please refer to the UBC Minimum Academic Requirements for international students posted here.
  • We also recommend that you review the English Language Proficiency Requirements posted here to ensure you meet the requirements.
  • Online courses rely on written communication and assignments, note that you can make use of the resources available through the UBC Writing Centre.

If you require assistance with your application as an international student, please contact the Office of Research in Education (ORE).


Program fees will be paid over a minimum of eight (8) installments, payable in September, January and May of each year. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

To find out what it costs to take one of our graduate programs, please refer to the list of programs accepting applications.