MEd in Early Childhood Education (ECNW)

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New Westminster Cohort Program

The program will focus on engaging all learners and will include opportunities for participants to inquire into their professional practice with young children. This engaging graduate program offers opportunities for participants to explore issues in early childhood research, theory, and practice.

The early childhood graduate program is an interdiscplinary, cross-departmental program that consists of core courses in early childhood education (ECE) and related courses in other departments, for example:

  • child development and special education (Department of Educational Psychology & Special Education)
  • early language and literacy (Department of Language & Literacy Education)
  • early numeracy (Department of Curriculum Studies), or
  • school-community relations (Department of Educational Studies).

This M.Ed. program requires a minimum of 30 credits of approved graduate work. The program can be completed within 2 years, with courses scheduled to accommodate practicing teachers and administrators.

Winter Session 1 (Sept-Dec 2010) EDUC 500 – Research Methodology in Education core
Winter Session 2 (Jan-Apr 2011) ECED 565A – Special Course in Early Childhood Education:  Early Childhood Development and Intervention elective
Summer Session 1 (May-Jun 2011) ECED 508 – Review of Research in Educational Methods core
Summer Sessions 2A & 2B (Jul-Aug 2011) ** Elective (see note below) elective
Winter Session 1 (Sept-Dec 2011) ECED 585A – Advanced Seminar on Research in Early Childhood Education core
Winter Session 2 (Jan-Apr 2012) Elective – TBA These elective courses will be decided in consultation with the cohort students.
Summer Session 1 (May-Jun 2012) Elective – TBA
Summer Sessions 2A & 2B (Jul-Aug 2012) ** Elective (see note below) elective
Winter Sessions 1 & 2 (Sep 2012 – Apr 2013) ECED 590 – Graduating Paper core

ELECTIVES: students may select from the following:

  • IECER Summer Institute (ECED 565), which is a one-week, intensive course on campus.  Assignments are due at the end of Summer 2A.
  • On-campus courses
  • On-line courses
  • A maximum of 6 credits of undergraduate course work (2 courses)

On-site courses may be held Saturdays, 9:30-3:30, alternate weeks (except May-June, which would run for 6 weeks, no classes on the long weekend), OR one evening per week for winter terms, 4:30-7:30 pm

ECED 590 support will consist of class seminars and group and individual conferences with the ECED 590 Seminar Instructor, schedule TBA.

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • An approved Bachelor of Education degree, OR
  • An approved four-year undergraduate degree in a *related field, plus experience working with young children in an appropriate setting.
  • An overall average of 76% (B+) or better in all third- and fourth-year courses or at least 12 credits at 80% (A-) or higher on senior-level credits in the intended graduate program’s field of study.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with early childhood education or related field, one of which must be an academic assessment by a university instructor.

*Related Fields include, but are not limited to: Child and Youth Care, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work and Family Studies.

Applicants whose degree is in an unrelated field (e.g., Arts, Commerce, General Studies) may be accepted if they have completed a college or university certificate program in early childhood education.

Program fees will be paid over a minimum of seven (7) installments, payable September, January and May of each year. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

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