MEd in Curriculum Studies (NVC4)

EDCP This program is offered by the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy.
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Theme: Creativity in Curriculum and Pedagogical Design

If you would like to apply for this program, please contact Linda Haftner (604-822-4499).

This program is designed to respond to the interests and concerns of teachers who wish to become curriculum leaders in school districts. Our theme is to encourage and support teachers who wish to “investigate and enhance their practices” through notions of creative instructional design and pedagogical choice making that enable us to challenge, learn, discover, and transform understandings of how engagement with students and curriculum play a critical role in education. Play based, project based, nature based, and place based learning are key concepts and contexts that we will explore.

We focus on the process of becoming a reflective-reflexive practitioner through inquiry into creativity, creativity research, and progressive arts-based approaches to research in the classroom. This process leads us to think of the teacher as designer of creative learning environments.

Curriculum Studies encompass, but are not limited to, investigations of how learning is constructed. Graduate students learn about issues of pedagogy, didactics, curriculum planning, curriculum development & implementation, assessment, and evaluation. Inquiry in curriculum studies is multidisciplinary, and explores a variety of perspectives.

Capstone Graduating Research Project

Challenging and rewarding, the capstone research project is the highlight of the cohort experience. Teachers, individually or in groups, choose a research question to investigate. Through action research, participants inquire into their own practices in the classroom. Past cohort participants have presented their research at conferences and have published papers in journals and books.
For an example of research projects see Pedagogy in a New Tonality, by Peter Gouzouasis, available at or

Meet the program advisor and learn more about applying to become a graduate student.

Monday, September 9 | 3:30 p.m.

Inglewood Curriculum Centre | Meeting Room
1735 Inglewood Drive
West Vancouver | Map

Proposed Schedule (subject to change)

The 30-credit program is offered over a three-year period, with courses scheduled to accommodate practicing teachers and administrators.

September 2013 Instructional Creativity
January 2014 Action Research
Summer 2014 Elective
September 2014 Research Methodology in Education
January 2015 Instructional Creativity 2
May 2015 Narrative Research
Summer 2015 Elective
September 2015 Instructional Creativity 3 (Digital Technologies)
January 2016 Introduction to Curriculum Issues & Theories
May 2016 Graduating Project

* Elective courses are taken at UBC’s main campus during the summer sessions.

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • A minimum of 3 years full-time teaching experience or an equivalent combination of engagement within schools, communities, Non-Governmental Organizations and other education-oriented environments.
  • A completed four-year undergraduate degree, and at least a 76% average on all senior-level credits.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with education and leadership.
  • Resumé and a 600-word personal statement about your perspectives of leadership, indicating how you think this program (along with your current education and experience) can help you enhance your understanding of effective leadership.

The online application is open.
Application Deadline:  September 15, 2013

In addition to your online application, please forward:

  • Two official (sealed) transcripts from all post-secondary institutions (except from UBC).
  • Three (sealed) letters of reference. It is strongly recommended that references be submitted electronically (if you fill in the referee’s email address when completing the online application, an automatic email will be sent to your referee with a link to a site to that lets him/her enter a reference and then submit it). If you wish to submit references by mail, the form is available here.
  • A resumé.
  • A one-page statement indicating how you think this program will contribute to your work in this field (if you did not complete that in the online application).

You must apply for this program on-line. Before beginning your application, read all of the instructions. Also please PRINT this page and refer to it when you are making your application, paying particular attention to the exact wording for the program you are applying for.

IMPORTANT: If you apply to the wrong program, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will not refund your application fee, or transfer or cancel your application, so please ensure you select the appropriate program or you will have to re-apply and pay an additional $93 application fee.

  • Go to
  • Before beginning your application, read all of the instructions.
  • When you are ready to apply, click on “Apply Online”.
  • Read the instructions, and click on “Create Your Account” (unless you have already begun your application, in which case you should “Login”).
  • Once you have created your account, choose “New Application” and then click on “Start a Completely New Application”.
  • Under “Degree” choose “Master of Education” in the pull down menu.
  • Under “Program” you must choose ” EPLT MEd in Curriculum Studies – NVC4
  • Proceed with your application as instructed.
  • When finished entering your information, you must click “Submit” for the application to work.
  • You will automatically receive an email acknowledgement, with instructions on documentation and deadlines.


  • We need sealed transcripts from EVERY post-secondary institution you attended, whether or not they issued you a degree, except UBC. If you are a UBC alumnus, please provide your student number and we will print your transcript.
  • If you have transcripts, please enclose or fax us photocopies (604-822-2015). We can make a quick adjudication of your eligibility even before all of your “official” documents arrive. Please note that this adjudication is not official until we have received your sealed transcripts.
  • Send everything – EVERYTHING – to the attention of SPA at PDCE (1304-2125 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4). The most common delay in admissions is caused by the search for documents that are at other locations on this huge campus.
  • It is preferred that references be submitted electronically when you submit your application, include the referee’s email address. This will generate an automatic email which contains a link to a site where your referee can enter his/her reference, and then submit it. They can type as much as they want, despite the apparent size of the text box. This link will only be available when your application is submitted. If you plan on having your referee(s) submit a reference by mail, please leave the email address blank on the application.
  • If you decide to submit any or all of your references by hard copy you can download the reference form for this program here. A letter can take the place of the reference form but it must answer the questions posed in the reference form. The reference form is designed for professors to fill out. If your referee is not a professor, please ask him or her to write about your ability to successfully complete a graduate degree in this particular focus.

IMPORTANT: the reference letters must be received here in sealed envelopes with the referee’s signature written across the sealed envelope flap.

Please contact Linda Haftner (604-8224499) if you are having problems with the application process.

The total fee for this program is $13,444.83, plus applicable student fees.  Program fees will be paid in nine (9) installments of $1,493.87 payable in September, January and May of each year.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change.  Historically, this change has been a 2% increase per year (beginning in May).