MEd in Counselling Psychology (MVR3)

Focus on Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling

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The next online M.Ed. cohort in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling will start in September 2011.

The Program

The UBC M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology (Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling) offers an evidence-informed, state of the art, interactive, and engaging graduate program.

The program may include orientation and/or seminars at UBC or affiliated clinical sites, with a distance option for those who are not able to attend in person.

Additional program information can be found on the Educational & Counselling Psychology & Special Education website.

NOTE: Admission into the online MVRC program does not act as a back-door for admission to on-campus counselling programs.


Issues in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (3-cr)
Medical Aspects of Disability (3-cr)
Psychosocial and Vocational Aspects of Disability (3-cr)
Counselling Theories (3-cr)
Counselling Interventions (3-cr)
Individual and Group Practice: Professional and Ethics Issues (3-cr)
Psychological Assessment in Counselling (6-cr)
Supervised Training in Counselling – Clinic (6-cr)
Introduction to Research in Education (3-cr)
Vocational Assessment (3-cr)
Job Development and Placement (3-cr)
Case/Disability Management and Community Resources (3-cr)
Field Experience: Vocational Rehabilitation Practice in Counselling, Consultation and Disability Management – Practicum (6-cr)

Clinical Courses

There are significant clinical practica courses in Year 2 and Year 3 of the program. The clinical courses can be done with a qualified supervisor with a recognized Master’s degree at your location. We intend to continue developing the capacity to provide clinical experience for students at a greater distance.

Program fees will be paid over a minimum of nine (9) installments, payable in September, January and May of each of the three years. For current information on tuition and student fees, please log in to the Student Service Centre.

To find out what it costs to take one of our graduate programs, please refer to the list of programs accepting applications.