MEd in Counselling Psychology (MVR7)

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Focus on Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling

NOTE: Some courses involving clinical training in this program may be delivered face-to-face, at UBC campus or in clinical settings. For further information, contact Dr. Izabela Schultz.

Program Description

The UBC MEd in Counselling Psychology (focus on Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling) offers an evidence-informed, state of the art, interactive, and engaging graduate program.

The program includes face-to-face orientation and one 3-week course on campus in July 2013, and another 3-week course in July 2014. Clinical training is also face-to-face and it can be provided at UBC associated sites for BC students and closer to home for students outside of BC. Most courses are online.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (VRC) program was founded with generous support from The Great-West Life Assurance Company and WorkSafe BC and is also endorsed by Healthcare Benefit Trust. Read more.

The VRC program is developing a collaborative relationship with the University of Calgary’s Community Rehabilitation Program. Graduates of the University of Calgary’s Community Rehabilitation Program are welcome to apply. Read more.

NOTE: Admission into the blended online face-to-face VRC program does not act as a back-door for admission to on-campus counselling programs.

MVRC Videos


Online & Face-to-Face Information Session

Meet the program advisor and find out more about applying to become a graduate student.

Tuesday, November 19 | 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. (Pacific time)

UBC Vancouver Campus

Neville Scarfe Building | Room 308A
2125 Main Mall | Map


More information:

Proposed Schedule

This is a 48-credit program. The proposed schedule is as follows:

Individual and Family Counselling & Theories (3-cr)
Issues in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling (3-cr)
Theory & Interventions 1 (3-cr)
Psychosocial & Vocational Aspects of Disability (3-cr)
Medical Aspects of Disability (3-cr)
Elective (3-cr)
Ethics in Counselling Psychology (3-cr)
Group Counselling (3-cr)
Research Methodology in Education (3-cr)
Psychological Assessment in Counselling (6-cr)
Supervised Training in Counselling (6-cr)
Review of Research in Educational Methods (Job Search and Disability Management Counselling) (3-cr)
Field Experience (6-cr)

There are significant clinical practica courses in Year 2 and Year 3 of the program. The clinical courses can be done with a qualified supervisor with a recognized Master’s degree at your location. We are continuing to develop the capacity to provide clinical experience for students at a greater distance.

We are continuing to develop the capacity to provide clinical experience for students at a greater distance.

All students must meet the requirements for this program, which include:

  • A completed four-year undergraduate degree and at least a 76% average on all senior-level credits or at least 12 credits of third or fourth-year courses in the A- grade range (at UBC 80% or higher) in the field of intended graduate study.
  • Three recommendations from educators and administrators that speak to your engagement with disability issues, counselling and rehabilitation.
  • Resumé and a 600-word statement of career aspirations, indicating how you think this program (along with your current education and experience) can help you achieve them.
  • You are encouraged to submit additional information regarding professional or volunteer employment experience, publications, or awards which you feel should be taken into account in considering your application. If you have been out of university for more than two years, this information is mandatory.


  • Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 300)
  • Career Counselling (CNPS 363)
  • Introduction to Theories of Counselling (CNPS 365)
  • Basic Interviewing (CNPS 362)

UBC prerequisite courses are in brackets.

These prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of this program and are available as online courses at UBC, with the exception of CNPS 362 and PSYC 300(A). Click here to search for course availability at UBC. For other online options you may wish to view the course calendar at Athabasca University.

If the coursework you completed is not listed on the UBC website as an official approved prerequisite course, you may apply, on an individual basis, to have your past coursework reviewed to determine if it meets the criteria for prerequisite course work.

In such cases, in addition to the transcript(s) already received, the Admissions Committee also requires that you send a copy of the relevant past course outlines, with an indication as to the course prerequisite for which you are submitting it.

Application for approved prerequisites should be sent together with your application to the program. For further information about approved prerequisites, please visit the following link:

Application Deadline: December 2, 2013

Please note: The application deadline has passed. If you wish to apply, please contact

Application Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Supporting Documents

Before you beginning your application, read all the instructions.

1.    Online Application

Important:  If you apply to the wrong program, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will not refund your application fee, or transfer or cancel your application. Please ensure you select the appropriate program, or you will have to re-apply and pay an additional application fee.

When you are ready to apply:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Apply Online”
  • Read the instructions, and click on Create Your Account (unless you have already begun your application, in which case you should choose Login)
  • Once you have created your account, choose New application, then click on Start a completely new application.
  • Under Degree choose Master of Education from the drop-down menu.
  • Under Program, you must choose PDCE MED Counselling Psychology – MVR 7.
  • Proceed with your application as instructed.
  • When finished entering your information, you must click Submit for the application to proceed.
  • You will automatically receive an email acknowledgement, with instructions on documentation and deadlines.

2.    Supporting Documents

In addition to your online application, please forward:

  • Two official (sealed) transcripts from all post-secondary institutions. Current and former UBC students are required to submit one copy of the UBC transcript.
  • Three letter of references. References must be submitted electronically; you fill in the referee’s email address when completing the online application and an email will be sent automatically to your referees with a link and instructions for submission.
  • The completed supplementary form for VRC
  • A resumé, sent to Karen Yan
  • Supporting documentation (transcripts, resume, and supplementary form) must be sent to:

Karen Yan
UBC Faculty of Education
ECPS, Room 2522
2125 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4

  • All the documentation must be received by Karen Yan by December 2, 2013.

Tuition fees are in Canadian dollars, are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors, and are subject to change. Historically, this change has been a 2% increase per year (beginning in May).

The program fee of $23,702.67, plus applicable student fees, will be paid in nine (9) installments of $2,633.63 payable in September, January and May of each year.