Theory and Practice in Reading Instruction: Learning to Read in an Online World

LLED 391 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


Assignment 1: Reflection on personal reading experiences and writing self-portrait in an online world
Assignment 2: In-depth exploration of a topic from the course outline
Assignment 3: Answers to six questions from the course modules
Assignment 4: Discussion contributions


This online course is designed for students finishing a first degree, for those enrolled in a diploma program, for those completing qualifying courses for admission to a Master’s program, and for teachers seeking a greater understanding of reading and literacy theory and practices in elementary reading education in today’s online world. The focus of the course is on beginning or early reading and literacy instruction.


  • Learn about current thought and research in the language processes and their implications for reading instruction in an online world
  • Think critically about these theories
  • Develop an understanding of the interrelation between reading theory and practice in an online world
  • Develop practical strategies for teaching reading in our online world


This online course is offered on Canvas –

  • Introduction to the teaching of reading in an online world
  • Teaching reading in an online world: approaches and strategies
  • The beginning of literacy in an online world
  • Assessing reading performance
  • Word identification and reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension in an online world
  • Reading-writing connections
  • Reading materials: from basals to children’s literature
  • Making the transition to content area texts
  • Meeting the literacy needs of diverse learners
  • Organizing an effective classroom
  • Course summary and reflection


This is an online course. Students are required to have a computer, access to the Internet, and a Campus Wide Login ID and password to access the course website.


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