Supporting International Programs and Students

PDCE supports the Faculty of Education in its development and delivery of international programs, as well as providing support for international students and visitors to the Faculty.

Developing Partnerships

The International office at Professional Development & Community Engagement provides services and support for facilitating international initiatives and programs within the Faculty of Education. The Faculty takes its direction from two policies: Bridge to the 21st Century: Internationalization at UBC and UBC Trek 2010: A Global Journey, which can be found on the Faculty of Education’s International Initiatives web page.

PDCE supports three types of programs:

  • Existing UBC programs delivered at UBC in partnership with international educational institutes
  • Existing UBC programs delivered at international sites
  • The development of unique programs to meet the needs of unique communities.

Programs Delivered at UBC

Visit the Faculty of Education’s International Initiatives website for detailed information on the Faculty’s current engagements in international projects and activities.

UBC M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies

UBC MMEd – Master of Museum Education

Supporting International Students & Visitors

The Faculty of Education provides international students with academic and social support, through PDCE’s International Student Support Graduate Assistant. Find information for:

Academic Growth

Various workshops are planned throughout the year to support the academic endeavors of international students. These workshops are uniquely designed to meet the needs of students for whom English is a second, third, or even just one of their many languages.

Social Support

An International Student Orientation for new and returning international students is planned at the beginning of each academic year. This orientation is intended to allow international students to get to know each other and foster new relationships that are mutually beneficial. Other social events are also planned throughout the year.

Graduate Student Concerns

Concerns unique to international students are also discussed with international students, and are brought to the attention of the Graduate Student Council of the Faculty of Education (GSFE). The GSFE represents the voice of students in the Faculty of Education, acts as a student advocate, is committed to ensuring robust communication between graduate students and the Faculty of Education, and supports graduate students during the graduate experience. For more information on the GSFE, please visit

International Student Resource Support

Through this office, international students are provided with information on the various UBC support services provided throughout the school. These services include those offered through International House.

Role of the International Student Support Graduate Assistant

The International Student Support GAA in consultation with the Associate Dean, PDCE:

  • Reviews the annual calendar of activities for international students.
  • Initiates activities for supporting international students’ academic growth and social adjustment, including workshops and social events.
  • Maintains communication among the various departments and support units in the Faculty of Education concerning international student concerns and events.
  • Updates contact lists, including a database of international alumni.
  • Carries out any other relevant tasks related to serving international students in the Faculty of Education, including providing resource information for international students.