Institut de Français – Bursary Application for TOC

UBC à Québec | July 3-21, 2017

This form must be completed by all BC Teachers on Call (TOC) applying for the bursary. Signed copies to be returned to UBC Faculty of Education. BC teachers are eligible for a bursary if they speak French as an additional language, and fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • - are or will be involved in the teaching of French
  • - are or will be involved in the supervision of a French program
  • - are or will be working at a public or independent school as a teacher
  • - are working as a teacher-on-call, vice-principal or principal

  • Please provide the phone number for verification of employment purposes.
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    School NameSchool or District phone number 
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  • Confirmation of Employment

    Upon submitting this online form a copy will be sent to your email address. You will then need to print a copy of the email and have your school/district supervisor complete and sign the section below.
    Mail the completed form to:
    Susan Currie
    UBC Faculty of Education (PDCE)
    1304 - 2125 Main Mall
    Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
  • Employer's Declaration For French Bursary:

    I hereby certify that the above-named applicant meets one of the following three criteria (please indicate):

    • has a valid BC Teaching Certificate,
    • is a Teacher-On-Call in our District,
    • that his/her services are requested on an average of at least one day per week, and
    • that our District has a need for TOC who can teach French as a Second Language, or French Immersion.

    Supervisory Office from School District